The ‘Doom series of games is known for its fast paced action and its graphic violence, which some players seem to adore. This is why the 2016 comeback of the fan favorite from Bethesda received mostly positive reviews from fans and critics alike. These games are not only known for the single player experience but also for the huge variety of multiplayer gameplay that it offers.

Bethesda is known to continuously release new downloadable content for all of its games. For 'Doom,' these contents mainly ranged from new multiplayer maps to guns and other in-game items.

However, on Thursday, July 20 the studio announced that it would be releasing a new update for the game which will essentially make all of the expansions and added content available for free to all of ‘Doom’ players.

Bethesda releases update 6.66 for Doom

The latest update for 'Doom,' version 6.66 which is a clever play on numbers to depict 666 has been released by Bethesda. The company announced that the after the update reaches ‘Doom’ players all across the globe, all of the Season Pass content, which includes additional multiplayer maps, weapons, and much more, would be available for free.

Doom’ game director Marty Stratton said on Bethesda.Net that this would mean that all three of the additional content packs which include nine maps, three playable demons, three additional guns, armor sets, and equipment will all be free now.

On top of that players will also get the bot support and additional features which some have been enjoying since late last year.

Other changes being brought by the update

Although the free DLCs are the most enticing part of this update, Bethesda is also tweaking some of the multiplayer game mechanics for ‘Doom.’ Some of these changes are regarding the progression system in multiplayer.

Previously, the players could only unlock certain items through random drops. However, now players will be given specific goals and challenges upon completion of which they will e able to unlock these items.

Bethesda has also replaced the Hack Module system previously employed with a new Runes-system. Runes are a feature which was previously present only in the campaign mode.

However, now the multiplayer section will also feature it. These runes will not have to be activated manually unlike the Hack Modules and stay activated once it becomes available.

Bethesda is also hosting a free weekend for ‘Doom,' during which time players will be able to play the first two levels of the game completely free of cost. These players will also be given unlimited access to the multiplayer section over the weekend. Following the free trial, interested players can also pick up a copy of the game.