Game company Bluehole Inc. recently released a weekly patch that fixed several problems that players have been reporting. They also revealed their plans for new skins to be introduced in the future.

Monthly update moved due to client crash complications

After the big client crash bug that happened last week, the video game got many complications appearing in it, which is why the game company is now pushing the monthly update to Aug. 3 this time. They also launched a small patch for this week to mend the problems that many have been complaining for a while.

For now, they are working on the servers so that it will not have any issues anymore, and they are asking the fans to be patient with them.

Week 18 patch notes revealed

The week 18 patch fixed several problems, but not all of them. It fixed a bug where the characters would get stuck in doors after they destroyed them. Another bug that was fixed was the one where the characters would suddenly shake in spectator mode while they were running, which was kind of annoying to view at.

The door interaction UI bug was also fixed, which appeared even after the doors were completely destroyed. The bug that looked like the players were looting, but they were not actually getting any items was also fixed.

When players brose their inventory during their reload, they can now use their consumables.

Additions with the monthly update

The game company also revealed that they will be adding some features to the game after they release the monthly update on Aug. 3. They will add the first person server options to North America and Europe solo and duo game modes.

There will also be an FOV Slider for the first person view, and a new rifle gun will be introduced.

Gamescom plans and new skins

Bluehole Inc. also talked about character customization, which a lot of fans were asking about for a while. They clarified that they will not be able to release the full system until they can move out of early access, but they can test it out first.

They want to provide the fans with more content and they also want to test out the basic crate and key system before it gets implemented in the final version.

When the monthly update is released, the game company will launch three new crates for players to try out. All of these crates will have items that were inspired by the “Battle Royale” movie. Wanderer Crate and Survivor Crate, the first two crates, will be free to open for everyone.

One crate will have one set of themed clothing, the other will have cosmetic items, or it will be a mix of everything. The third crate will be called the Gamescom Invitational Crate and it will have a lot of themed clothing to choose from. It can be opened with a key that can be bought for only $2.50.

At the Gamescom event, the company will be holding their first offline Invitational for “PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.” They will invite a group of the best content creators of the video game, and they will have events on each day of the convention. Players can use their Battle Points or BP to buy the crate on the REWARDS page of its official website.

Purpose of sale of keys

While some fans have been complaining of payable items now being implemented in the game, they actually explained that after Gamescom, the Gamescom Invitational Crate will not available anymore and it will return to the free-to-open system. They will use the sales of the keys to providing funds needed to organize the event, provide a prize pool for the winners, and to support some select charities.

Check out the Gamescom PUBG Invitational 2017 Announcement Trailer here: