It is now or never. If you are playing your favorite game of "StarCraft" or "Diablo" using an older operating system, you should already be considering switching to Windows 8 or 10. Blizzard has kept support for “Warcraft,” “StarCraft 2,” “Diablo 3,” and “Hearthstone” working under the old OS, but the support might end soon.

Updates will no longer work

Starting this October, Blizzard will end support for those games working on XP and Vista. A single notification for each game will be issued by Blizzard. The games will not keep running with the unsupported working framework once support closes.

Blizzard’s titles have the notoriety of running well on low-specification PCs. The operating system is one area where XP clients could keep playing some of the most popular titles. However, they getting left behind as the latest “Overwatch” didn’t have XP or Vista support in the first place. The same goes for the incoming “StarCraft Remastered.”

A critical number of gamers in Asia will be affected and only a few Vista and XP clients in the West will be stung by Blizzard’s choice. For 16 years, Windows XP has been the most widely used operating system, more than any other OS. From its release in 2001, there has never been any platform that performed the way XP did.

Valenta also added that the support was supposed to have ended back in 2012 but apparently, as a lot of users were still on the old operating system, they had no choice but to continue supporting XP.

However, there have been major releases of new versions of the OS which is why Blizzard thought that this decision has to be applied and finalized soon.

Considering the number of consumers that already migrated from the old to the new Windows versions, all the more reason to let go of the XP and move on to more modern ones that have better support concerning the drivers and technical services.

The affected games

The Blizzard community manager also announced the other game titles that are included in the significant change. These are the “World of Warcraft,” “StarCraft II,” “Diablo III,” “Hearthstone,” and “Heroes of the Storm.” So if you are still using Windows Xp, it is advised that you get an upgrade soon. Although the expected date is still three months away, it is still imperative that you get Windows 10 as soon as you can get your hands on it.

Along with the operating system upgrade, there might also the part of the system that needs a hardware upgrade. For some people, it will not be an easy transition as we are all aware that these upgrades cost money. That is why Blizzard is giving ample time for users to prepare in case their system setup is not viable for the new operating system.

While the games are certainly popular, it’s somewhat amazing that Blizzard has kept on supporting such old variants of Windows for so long. It’s additionally intriguing that the company has all of a sudden chosen to drop XP and Vista. Perhaps, it’s the recent WannaCry, and Petya ransomware attacks that the users have to thank for the company’s sudden move.

The best way to keep appreciating these titles is to update the PCs operating system to one of the more modern forms of Windows.