"Battlefield 1" is one of the most popular shooter games and it's had some really great updates so far. However, everyone who plays this amazing WW2 shooter will be glad to hear what the newest game update brings to them.

Have you ever wanted to experience expansions and maps that only those with Premium Passes could play, but not wanted to drop the hefty $50 on it? Well, soon this could very well be a possibility! “Battlefield 1” players have a lot of reasons to be excited this month as DICE is reportedly introducing, Premium Trials, which will be a new way for standard “Battlefield 1” players to play expansions and maps that are typically only available for Premium Pass players.

What are Premium Trials?

"Battlefield 1" will get the second night-only map this month. Prise de Tahure map is a mix between urban and trench warfare and it will be another map that can be only played with a Premium Pass. Now, if you do not own a Premium Pass, Premium Trials will allow you to play both night-only maps. Furthermore, Premium Trials will give players access to other four maps that came with "They Shall Not Pass" expansion.

Premium Trials feature is expected to arrive alongside with the release of Prisde de Tahure map, which will most likely happen later this month. There are expected to be three runs of the Premium Trials, so don't worry if you miss out on one.

It is also important to note that Premium Trials will not require players to queue up with other players who own Premium Pass.

On the contrary, players will be allowed to queue for any map on their own, which is definitely a great addition.

Premium Trials schedule

As noted above, the first Premium Trials event will coincide with the release of Prise de Tahure.

The second event should start just before Gamescom, where the game developer is expected to announce more information about "In the Name of the Tsar," the upcoming expansion for "Battlefield 1." The expansion was revealed in February this year and it is expected to be released in September.

DICE will most likely talk about the new weapons they will add to the expansion, as well as the new game mode. Considering that Gamescom begins on August 22, players should expect the second even to happen in early or middle August.

There will also be a third Premium Trials event after Gamescom. However, it will start before the new expansion is released, which means that players who don't have a Premium Pass won't be able to get a taste of the expansion.

New challenge in 'Battlefield 1'

Aside from getting information about Premium Trials dates, "Battlefield 1" players are also going to get a new challenge. If you get at least 75 headshots this weekend, you will earn a Jackfrags Battlepack. This pack will reward you with one of the extremely rare vehicle skins.