Video Games try their best to be as immersive as possible, but sometimes it’s difficult to do so when there are prominent glitches. Depending on how bad they are, these bugs can affect a game to the point which makes it completely unplayable. On the other hand, some glitches are just plain creepy as they affect things like terrain and character models. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the strangest glitches in video games.

Manimals in ‘Red Dead Redemption’

Red Dead Redemption” has been praised for being a literal cowboy movie that was made into a game.

Aside from riding horses in the vast fields, you can also carry six shooters and even rob trains. The game’s graphics are far from shabby, but the game contains a really disturbing glitch fans call the Manimals. These are terrifying creatures are a strange mix between man and animal that you can usually find in the wasteland. While they make look like humans, they have the same features that animals do.

Air Swimmers in ‘Skyrim’

Bethesda games usually have a bad reputation when it comes to glitches and bugs. However, that doesn’t mean their games aren’t exactly bad. In line with this, one of their infamous bugs in “Skyrim” is their people swimming in mid air. If seeing villagers randomly swim around above group isn’t weird enough, you can still talk to them and even request for quests.

No Faces in ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’

“Assassin’s Creed” is iconic for letting players explore the town while also having some really fun missions that usually end in killing people. However, this particular entry had some pretty wonky bugs which pretty much ruined the game’s overall experience. One glitch in particular deals with the faces of the characters as the skin just completely disappears.

Instead, only their eyes and mouth remain, floating in mid-air. It’s actually really terrifying to look at and is literally what nightmares are made of.

'Demon babies' in ‘The Sims’

Ending off our list, we have ‘The Sims’ which is usually a harmless game where you get to play as god and control the life of sims. There’s one freaky glitch in the third game where babies appear to stretch out and take on an abnormal form.

Thankfully, this glitch isn't consistent but that doesn’t stop the fact that these demon babies are still really creepy. There’s no way to manually activate this bug and it’ll just randomly appear as your sim decides to play with their child.