Fans expect too much at E3 – this has always been the case and it will probably continue on for generations. Following the absence of Visceral Games’ “Star Wars” at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, fans took to Twitter to question Amy Hennig, the upcoming title’s creative director, regarding the no-show moved they’ve pulled off. Fortunately, she was game enough to provide answers, which are enough to pacify the collective outcry of the franchise’s devotees.

It’s ‘Battlefront II’s’ year

Prior to E3, publishers and game developers do that passive-aggressive kind of marketing wherein they drop hints and whatnot, sometimes directly from them, sometimes from third-party sources.

This is the reason why expectations were big on the yet-to-be-titled “Star Wars” game. It didn’t appear, though, and fans were quick to point that out to Hennig and co-creator Todd Stashwick.

Huge video game enthusiast Lucas Siegel, who directed the tweet to both Hennig and Stashwick, wrote: “Was really hoping for a @ToddStashwick and @amy_hennig appearance here with a tease of their game! :( Maybe at MSFT or Sony? #EAPlay,” to which Hennig replied:

Stashwick, on the other hand, replied to a fan in a similar tone – assuring and beaming with positive energy:

The waiting begins

The two weren’t wrong about that, for sure.

Stockholm-based EA DICE and Montreal-based Motive Studios are working together on “Battlefront 2.” At the EA Play event, it truly was the star. In fact, a huge chunk of the event was dedicated to the upcoming shooter, slated to launch later this year.

EA boasted off (in the best way) quite a lot at the event as well. At the press briefing, it featured its upcoming titles, such as “A Way Out,” “Anthem,” “Need for Speed: Payback,” “NBA Live 18,” “Madden 18,” and “FIFA 18.”

Meanwhile, Visceral’s “Star Wars,” albeit already confirmed, remains a big mystery.

By now, it’s known to many that Hennig and Stashwick are handling most of it, but the storyline duties went to Lucasfilm. A short footage also appeared last year, which shows it will be set between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope” with part of it taking place at the Mos Eisley cantina – and that’s pretty much it.

And don’t forget: Respawn Entertainment is also working on a “Star Wars” title, so we have that to look forward to as well. Until then, keep yourself occupied with “Star Wars: Battlefront II’s” story campaign, multiplayer, and a free DLC.