The Sims gaming Franchise first began in February 2004 making the franchise over 10 years old. Created by Will Wright, The Sims grew rapidly in popularity and demand. Since the release of the very first game, EA has since released "The Sims 2", "3" and "4" along with expansion packs for each of the generational games.

What creators had to say about 'The Sims 5'?

After the release of "The Sims 4" in 2014, creators released information that the production of "The Sims 5" would depend on sales of the fourth generation Sims game. This move is an understandable one as the franchise has been running for such a long time.

The popularity of the games and sales may come to a standstill upon the release of a fifth game. The company would have a lot to risk if they did not take "The Sims 4" into consideration.

No further comments from the company about the possibility of "The Sims 5" release have been made. However, the games have known to be released every four to five years hinting at the possibility that they could announce its production sometime in 2018 before its official release of 2019. Creators have also teased the possibility of the game to fans on social media such as Twitter but there is no concrete evidence of a game as of yet.

What features could be brought to the Sims to make the gaming experience better than ever before?

There are always features, which receive changes throughout the generations. Examples of these would be more options for hair types, differences in the aging process and of course, different traits one can pick for their Sims. "The Sims 4" brought changes to mood and the way sims react to their emotion.

It also removed the toddler timeline in the game. The sims games are continuing to change and evolve as the generations continue.

The most important change needed to grab gamers attention is the graphics. The Sims is known for increasing the lifelike quality to their characters so the expectation is already quite high. Bringing back certain elements of previous Sims games would also be beneficial.

Fans have been expressing their desires for pets, open world and cities to make a reappearance.

"The Sims 4" has received mixed reviews as fans find the quality of the graphics have decreased, loading time has increased and the overall experience is less than expected. With past marketing strategies of the games fans are expecting a new release over the next few years. One can only hope that they consider fans comments to create the greatest gaming experience of the franchise.