#Ubisoft, creators of the action-packed "#Ghost Recon Wildlands," is making another big salvo in the gaming world. The studio has just teased another new release, and this time it's all about a new “#Splinter Cell” game. The currently dormant stealth action game is about to make a comeback in the gaming world.

It has been four years since the world last saw the award-winning stealth video games with no any indications of what’s next for the action-packed “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell game series.” The Rennes, France-based game studio has come to E3 2017 without any news about the stealth action game Splinter Cell, leading for some fans to lose hope.

Fortunately, this week, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot returned and made some big news, saying that a new “Splinter Cell” game is coming. Guillemot’s latest move has given a ray of hope to those fans who still believed that a sequel would be released.

The Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, a closer look

First introduced on November 12, 2002, “Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell” is a series of award-winning stealth video games that focused on the protagonist Sam Fisher, a highly-trained fictional black-ops operative working for the National Security Agency, America’s premier intelligence agency. The players of this stealth action game control the main character Sam Fisher to fight and overcome adversaries in every game level.

The entire game series consists of nine entries, developed by Ubisoft Annecy (for multiplayer mode) and Ubisoft Montreal (single-player mode). The stealth action game has been released on PC, OS X, Nintendo Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. There are also several spin-off games made for Android, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo DS, HP webOS, Nokia Symbian, and even Windows Phone platforms.

The handheld games have been developed by Gameloft and Gryptonite Studios, with some help from Ubisoft Montreal. When launched, the series has received numerous positive reviews from the critics and has become Ubisoft’s best-selling franchise.

The “Splinter Cell” series, along with Ubisoft’s action-adventure game "Assassin’s Creed,” is considered to be one of the company’s most important flagship franchises, selling a whopping 31 million copies worldwide in 2011.

CEO Yves Guillemot teases new Splinter Cell game to prevent a possible Vivendi takeover

According to the gaming site Game Debate, CEO Yves Guillemot teased a new Splinter Cell game to fend off a potential Vivendi takeover. Additionally, the Guillemot family also raised controlling stakes in the game studio to 13.6 percent holding, which now represents 20.20 percent of Ubisoft’s voting rights. As mentioned earlier by Game Debate, the move is not a patch for the Paris-based media giant Vivendi, which still control a significant amount of stakes (27 percent share and 24.5 percent of the company’s voting rights). But Ubisoft’s latest move will help fend off a potential Vivendi takeover in the future.

More importantly, it will give the Guillemot family more time to rebuild Ubisoft’s business.

As for the new “Splinter Cell” game, there’s still no official or formal announcement for the stealth action game. A sequel could still be a year away, but the good news here is that Ubisoft’s got plans for it. Many are already speculating at a potential big reveal during the E3 event next year. Other believe that the game has already entered the conceptual stage.

The last "Splinter Cell" game was the 2013's hit “Blacklist,” which is the sixth installment in the game series. In the “Blacklist,” series veteran Michael Ironside has been replaced in his role as Sam Fisher by actor Eric Johnson. The “Splinter Cell: Blacklist” was developed by Ubisoft Toronto.