God Of War 4” is shaping to be one of the best games soon after its release. It quickly captured the hearts of players and critics alike, all of whom sang praises and commendations. Clearly, developer Sony Santa Monica has developed a game that would go down in history as one of the best.

Interestingly, “God of War 4” director Cory Barlog explained in an interview with Polygon that the road was rugged and full of thorns. Steering away from the original Greek theme, in particular, was a move he deemed game-changer. To him, this new direction will either bring success or failure to the forthcoming title.

The game is like a TV show

One of the comparisons Barlog mentioned was a television show. To him, the first three installments in the franchise were “the first season” of Kratos’ story. These titles introduced the character to the community and made them like him. Later on, the predecessors brought the protagonist in a dark place, which left the fans wondering if whether or not the guy is dead. Fortunately, there is a new title; therefore, he is alive.

Barlog metaphorically referred to “God of War 4” as the beginning of Kratos’ second season. Since it is a brand new season, it is time that the writers come up with something different. For the title's director, the upcoming game must move forward to a new direction.

It was the only plausible path that he can think of. He suggested that Kratos' story needs to come to a full circle and a great way to do it is by redeeming his character. Barlog believed that taking someone right to the very edge only to bring him back later on speaks of brilliancy. This, to him, is the “power of the mediums” they want in the fourth game.

Wilson Fisk

Barlog mentioned Wilson Fisk as a perfect example to describe Kratos’ evolution in “God of War 4.” Wilson, by the way, is an antagonist in the Marvel universe, particularly on Netflix’s “Daredevil” series. He commented on how the show did not back down from showing the various ways in which the character displayed his bad intentions.

The beauty, however, was when the writers were able to give the guy a way to display his humanity, something that captured the hearts of the viewers.

Of course, Wilson Fisk is in a TV show while Kratos’ is in a game called “God of War 4” -- the two just seem odd to compare. Barlog, however, is “confident” that he and his team can do exactly what the “Daredevil” writers did. Well, players will definitely find out when the game launches on PlayStation 4 come early next year.