As predicted by multiple sources, 'Destiny 2' made an appearance at Sony's E3 event since the game publisher; Activision doesn't host their show. Besides, both companies seem to be on the same wavelength this generation.

When is it arriving?

While the 'Destiny 2' trailer was awe-inspiring, it failed to throw light on some vital shreds of information that were oddly divulged after the show instead. Attendees were able to catch a brief glimpse of Ghaul in the trailer; however, the burning question on everyone's mind was when exactly the game is arriving in all its different forms.

Here's a detailed list comprising the dates for the 'Destiny 2' betas, consoles as well as PC releases.

Early Access PS4 Beta - July 18, 2017. Early Access Xbox One Beta - July 19, 2017. Open Beta - July 21, 2017. PC Beta - Late August. PS4 and Xbox One release - September 6, 2017 (moved forward from original September 8 launch). PC launch - October 24, 2017.

Despite now having the added snag of PC, that’s usual beta timing. A couple of month delay on PC isn't something out of the ordinary; however, this piece of news is likely to disappoint those who have restlessly been waiting to delve into 'Destiny 2' for the first time on PC. Though PC gamers will be able to do that sooner rather than later, they have to continue waiting with bated breath while fending off spoilers at the same time.

What to expect?

For those looking to figure out what else is in store for PlayStation 4 aside from a one day jump on the beta, that was pointed out during the show, the 'Destiny 2' PlayStation timed out exclusive up for grabs at launch were revealed, according to a blog post on Activision's official website. This comprises an exclusive exotic weapon, specialized gear sets, a blue and white hued ship, a three-player cooperative Strike, and a competitive multiplayer map.

In other words, although the long-rumored sequel to 2014's 'Destiny' didn't really sweep avid gamers off their feet at this year's E3, this is a considerable amount of info regarding what can be deemed as one of the hotly anticipated titles of the year.

According to game director Luke Smith, the upcoming game will be running at 30fps (frames per second) on Xbox One X.

Smith made an appearance on Geoff Keighley's show on Monday, June 12 to divulge a few technical details. Notably, 'Destiny 2' runs at the same framerate on Ps4 Pro.

Interestingly, this does not align with previous reports that indicated 'Destiny 2' will Run at relatively higher frame rate on Xbox One X considering the console packs more power than PS4 Pro. There's a possibility that Bungie opted to keep the frame rate equal on platforms in order to offer unvarying experience on all consoles i.e. 30fps. Meanwhile, 'Destiny 2' PC edition supports uncapped framerates and a slew of other PC-limited features.