Microsoft is set to officially show off its next Video Game Console, codenamed Project Scorpio, at E3 2017 later today. The console is expected to deliver games at a native 4K resolution and high-fidelity Virtual Reality gaming.

The device, when it launches, will likely become the most powerful video game console on the market for the next three years, which should give Microsoft enough time to rebound against Sony and its PlayStation 4. The software giant released the Xbox One back in 2013, but things didn’t go according to plan as Sony took advantage and ran away with gamers mindshare.

Project Scorpio rising to the occasion with native 4K games

So far, we haven’t heard much about the titles coming to the console, but rumors claim “Assassins Creed: Origins” is one of those games, and it will run at native 4K and possibly 30 frames per second.

When Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference kicks off later in the day, we expect “Assassins Creed: Origins” to be a central part of the lineup of games. If it does manage to hit the native 4K number, then detractors will have little choice but to swallow their words. Not only that, the game should prove the power of the system without a doubt.

Bear in mind, “Assassins Creed: Origins” is an open world game, and such titles are not easy to achieve high resolution on consoles.

Already, the developers, Ubisoft, made it clear that the unoptimized game ran at 720p and 60 frames per second on Project Scorpio. If the team can do an impressive job after optimization, then native 4K or close is possible.

One thing is for certain; players should not expect to play the title at 4K and 60 frames per second.

Due to the console’s years old Jaguar CPU, this is likely, not possible with such a large-scale game. Furthermore, even if it’s possible, Ubisoft is known for wanting to have the cinematic feel for its Assassins Creed games, and as such, 30 frames per second is more likely.

Microsoft to call its new console ‘Scorpio’?

Here’s the thing, the Project Scorpio title is just a codename for now.

However, we believe the software giant could end up officially calling the console Xbox Scorpio during the official reveal later today. We say this because the Game Informer magazine story about “Assassins Cred: Origins” called the console Scorpio, this despite the official release date for the magazine being after Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference.

Clearly, something is going on here, especially with Microsoft copyrighting a new logo with an “S” symbol not too long ago.

“Assassins Creed: Origins” is set to hit store shelves on October 27, 2017. Project Scorpio on the other hand, doesn’t yet have a hard release date.