The Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 press conference is just mere hours away, and already valuable information are being leaked to the web. This is expected since, in recent years, leaks have managed to make it to the internet a few hours before a conference begins.

For example, at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2016, most folks had an idea of what to expect, this is because most of the company’s plans were leaked on the same day. From there, the conference didn’t have an exciting appeal as expected. It would appear as if something similar is set to happen this year, and that means bad news for Microsoft

Project Scorpio could cost $499 at retail

Here’s the thing, a new rumor has made it to the web claiming Microsoft’s mid-generation video game console could cost a whopping $499 at retail when it hit store shelves later this year.

This rumor comes at a time when many gamers are expecting the software giant to announce a $399 price tag.

The information came directly from Geoff Keighley on Twitter, which gives a lot of weight to it being the truth. Bear in mind, Geoff Keighley is a well-known industry figure, and as such, his words hold a lot of power, henceforth, he’s likely telling the truth.

Then again, there’s a good chance Keighley is pulling one over eyes in order to take away the $399 expectation, which would, in turn, give Microsoft the podium to surprise fans by announcing the console for $399.

“Pretty confident Xbox Scorpio will be announced for $499 today. 6tflops, 12 gig ram, UHD BluRay,” says Keighley on Twitter.

Project Scorpio’s power suggests it won’t be cheap

With six teraflops of GPU power and 12GB of RAM, this system is nothing but a beast waiting to be unleashed on the world. Furthermore, with its advanced cooling system, UHD Blu-Ray, and much more, we’re quite in agreement with it going for $499.

Forza 7 leaks before announcement

Several images of “Forza Motorsports 7” were leaked on the web earlier today. They suggest Microsoft is planning to talk about the game during its press conference later today. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Microsoft tends to launch a new console with a racing game.

As for the images, well, the image quality is lacking, so it doesn’t represent the full excellence of the game.

We should see what the title is made of when Microsoft talks about the game at its E3 2017 conference.

If the game runs at 4K and 60 frames per second, then it’ll be one of the many games to show off what the console can do in real world testing.