Despite a dwindling number of users, Pokemon GO still considers itself as one of the biggest AR-based video game to date. Many months after its release, Niantic Labs is struggling to keep up the numbers, most especially with players growing tired of repetitive gameplay and events. Apparently, that is about to change, and subtle clues about the title's next move might entice players to "Catch 'Em All" back again.

This extraordinary evidence is dubious at best, but several enthusiasts think that it could end up as a significant possibility. During the Annual Webby Awards, Archit Bhargava, Niantic's global marketing product honcho made a small speech after their game received five of the major awards.

In that very short speech he uttered "this summer will be legendary."

Skeptical but eager

Although many people are skeptical of his statement being proof of Articuno and the gang arriving in summer, Legendary Pokemon could finally be available for aspiring Pokemon trainers. Moreover, Niantic CEO John Hanke has already stated that the sought-after monsters could come anytime in 2017. If this indicates anything else, it could be clear that the company is running out of options to keep its fanbase interested, that is why it's bringing its A game with the mystical flock of pocket monsters.

It isn't the first time that news about Legendaries has come up to the rumor mill, but judging from Bhargava's statement, it is the first time that Niantic has addressed the update's possible release.

If you are doubtful, you can always check out the video courtesy of YouTube below, skip ahead to 18:50 in the awards and you'll see marketing head receiving the awards.

Unintentional Appearance

Back in August, Legendary Beast, Articuno appeared on several occasions. Some people even had the audacity to claim that they have caught the mythical creature.

It sparked a ton of controversy and Niantic had to step in and admit the some of them did mistakenly arrive in the game. The company later pulled them out, disappointing fans that already have the Legendary creature.

On March the guys at Niantic told players that they could catch Legendaries soon in 2017. The company's CEO, John Hanke confirmed the news during an interview, but actual details and a launch date were absent during the Q, and A. Hopefully Bhargava's word would have some weight that "This summer will be legendary," many fans hope so, or else it is over for Pokemon GO.