With regards to soccer video games, most players will remember the classic Blue Man versus Red Man match ups and the old school Pro Evolution Soccer versions. Fortunately, we are presently living in an age where Konami and EA both have the cash to spend on any licensing agreements required despite the fact that some have been strangely missing from past FIFA versions.

In the latest forms of the Fifa computer game, the securing of license by EA from various footballing groups far and wide is occurring. The inclusion of the Colombian Primera An and Argentinian Primera Division have taken place.

Additionally, other leagues such as the K and J-Leagues and the Saudi "Day Jameel" Pro League are in the game. It is an accomplishment that FIFA is speaking to more abroad football fans than earlier years, however, as successful, they have been there are still opportunities to get better.

Chinese Super League

Similarly, as you thought the wages and moving expenses in football could not get any more unpleasant, the Chinese Super League marked Oscar who was a B team player for Chelsea for an exchange charge of £51 million and is earning a wage of £400,000 a week. The transfer fee fir Hulk, who is the winger for the Brazillian national football team was £47 million. In the meantime, Carlos Tevez is earning £615,000 a week at age 33 after the transfer for a fee of £71 million.

Despite the money spent on these players, there is most likely the Chinese Super League has now gotten the attention of fans far and wide. With gossip now coursing still about the massive stars of Europe moving to this group, for example, Diego Costa, this alliance is continuously growing. With every one of these variables considered, there is no reason why FIFA should not attempt to actualize the Chinese Super League into their diversion at the earliest opportunity.

Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazilian Football League)

Despite the fact that in Fifa 17 the Brazillian top division is there and has been in previous versions, however there is no licensing agreement. Truly since Fifa 14, the Brasileiro has not been under full licensing assertions, and EA has not been able to achieve a concurrence with the Brazillian right holders since Fifa 15.

Konami on the other hand in their football game Pro Evolution Soccer 17 include the full licensing for the top Brazillian division and furthermore Corinthia who is a club sponsored by Konami. The only thing fans can do is hope that EA can agree to a concurrence with the Brasileiro before the dispatch of FIFA 18. Some of the finest players in the world call Brazil home, and they should be in this game.