Blizzard has recently gotten a lot of success with its free-to-play mobile collectible card video game, "Hearthstone," which is available on MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. The mobile versions are of course one of the reasons why the game draws such as big crowd seeing as players can engage in different battles while on the go. Now, new reports are revealing that Blizzard may be on the brink of developing yet another Mobile Game that will reportedly also have a "Warcraft" theme.

Job opening

A user from NeoGAF recently discovered a job opening on Blizzard's official website for an FX Artist.

While the company does regularly post job opening like this on its website, the particular listing was different in that it specifically mentions that the hired artist will be working on a project for mobile devices.

Other parts of the description are fairly generic and mention requirements like prior experience and specific skills. However, one part of the requirement does mention that the candidate must have a "passion for creating imagery synonymous with the Warcraft IP."

Possible 'Warcraft Mobile' game

The background stories and lore of the entire "Warcraft" franchise is so immensely popular that Blizzard will likely not be limiting it to having just one mobile game. If the listing is any indication, the company is likely planning to capitalize on the franchise's popularity to attract mobile gamers as well.

As of this month, "Hearthstone" currently has over 70 million active players. The game has even generated a healthy eSports community, which also resulted in various cash-prize tournaments that were hosted by Blizzard themselves.

Interest in mobile gaming

Blizzard's CEO, Mike Morhaime, previously mentioned that they have a lot of interest in mobile gaming stating that the company actually sees a "huge opportunity" in creating more games for the platform.

Morhaime mentioned that the advancement in mobile technology has come to the point where everyone is basically walking around with powerful gaming devices and that it still is "unexplored ground" for big game developers.

Blizzard has yet to confirm that it is indeed working on a new mobile game. It is also not yet certain if the game will be a "Warcraft" themed title. Whatever the case may be, given Blizzard's reputation, any type of mobile game from the developer will likely be a welcome one for fans of the company's numerous franchises.