When you order a pancake in the United States for breakfast, no one has any doubts as to what you're talking about. At restaurants, you will get small fluffy Pancakes loaded with syrup and butter, and possibly even some fruit topping.

These pancakes are often served with scrambled eggs, strips of bacon, some fried sausages, and possibly even a side of fruits. But when you order pancakes in Europe, you get a much thinner - but larger - pancake. In the United States, these are called Crepes and despite looking very different, the taste it's not that different.

In fact, there are many of the same ingredients in both pancakes and crepes which means that both are very suitable for breakfast.

One major difference

So, what is the major difference between these two other than the sizes and the thickness? One of the major differences is the fact that a pancake has a rising agent in it, such as baking soda or baking powder. This allows the fluffy pancakes to rise a bit and become fluffy inside.

Crepes do not have this rising agent, which means that once the batter is poured onto the pan, it does not rise. Instead, it slowly flows out to the sides of the pan, making it a thin and even crepe.

Another difference is the final result. While pancakes are often light brown once cooked, a crepe can have darker areas.

If you want a crispy edge, consider adding plenty of butter to the pan before cooking the crepe, or add some beer to the batter.

How they are served

Other than the rising agent, there's also a difference as to what the crepes and pancakes are served with. As described above, the traditional American version is served with syrup, butter, and other breakfast items.

The crepe is often served as a dessert with chocolate sauce, ice cream, various fruits, and sometimes just with sugar on top.

Some chefs in Europe are getting creative as to how to use crepes. Some even serve them as the main entrée with chili, beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and other fun ingredients. They using the crepe as a wrap.

Of course, if you used to eating your crepe as a dessert item, you may not want to be as creative and curious with other ingredients. But if you have all of the ingredients to make the American version, you also have the same ingredients to make the dessert version.

What do you prefer to have your pancakes served with? How do you like your crepes, as many people are experimenting with flavors and ingredients?