Summer is full of the smell of grills cooking food in many neighborhood backyards and on campgrounds. Friends and families have their gatherings, others go to the lake for the day, and some may be camping, but more than likely there will be a Grill going. Here are a few different ideas to spice up some grilled recipes.


How does a watermelon, Feta cheese, and tomato salad sound? Seriously? Watermelon on a grill? Believe it or not, by grilling the watermelon, Epicurious claims it “adds a savory depth to the fruit” which only adds more flavor to the salad combinations.

Of course, seasoning it as you desire is your choice as well. A little oil, salt, and pepper may be needed to finish things off.


Everyone has heard of grilling corn but add a twist or two to it. Spice it up a bit by rubbing some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and butter before adding it to the fire. Wrapping bacon around each ear of corn adds a flavor that will make you think you are in heaven. If you are worried about the grease from the bacon creating a fire, just wrap it in aluminum foil first. Using Old Bay Seasoning while grilling the corn is another good option. All you need to do is mix a little mayonnaise and Old Bay together and while the corn is grilling, you brush on the mixture. The mouths you feed will be begging for more.


There is nothing that can beat the traditional burger. Holding that big cheesy burger between your hands only makes your mouth water when sitting around a campfire. Everyone ends up eating more than one, regardless of how full their belly already is. So, grab your ground beef, shape up some patties, and add that cheddar cheese.

Having extra condiments is also a great idea so don’t forget the ketchup or mayonnaise. Adding some Barbeque sauce and fried onions is another great option.


If you are one who eats what they catch after a day of fishing, finding the best recipe for the catch of the day could be a tough one, especially when feeding more than one other person.

Fish tacos are always a great idea and a crowd pleaser. First, what you want to do is add your corn and jalapeno peppers to the grill so they are able to start cooking over a low fire. Once you have the catch of the day filleted, it is time to coat it with olive oil and salt, chili powder, and cumin. Add the fish to the grill, allowing the edges to get a little crispy before turning them over. Warm up some tortillas over the fire while the fish is cooking so by the time the fish is done cooking, the tortillas will be warm. Cut up your fish fillets and add your favorite condiments to complete your taco.

Summer does not have to be the same every year, so add a little twist to your recipes and create something new with your food for everyone's bellies to enjoy.