May 19 is recognized as National Devil's Food Cake Day. Of course, it is not an official holiday, but those who love the sweet food say it should be. While the cake has its own fan club, there are some people who say they would never eat anything with "devil" in its name. Here are five interesting things that are true about the delicious food.

1. The name is not evil

Just because the word "devil" is in the name, it does not mean that the cake is evil. It does not refer to the evil one in the Bible. Devil and deviled are culinary terms that describe foods that are dark, rich, and stimulating.

There are other foods with the word in their names. Some examples include deviled eggs and deviled ham.

2. Not just a chocolate cake

This particular cake is richer, darker and fluffier than a regular chocolate cake. It is much darker because it is made with more chocolate. It is also topped with a rich dark chocolate frosting. Therefore, lovers of this sweet treat get the delicious flavor throughout the cake and on top of it as well.

Compared to other chocolate cakes, this one is made with more chocolate and is a favorite of a lot of people. It is lighter, decadent, and has a moist texture. It is not made the same way because baking soda and boiling water are used instead of milk. Those ingredients make it fluffier and lighter than any other cake.

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3. Not competing with angel's food cake

Some have wondered which came first, the angel's food cake or the devil's food cake. The white cake came first, as early as the 1880s. The dark cake did not appear until 1902. Some also think that the latter is the counterpart to the one that came first. The two desserts are not competing against each other.

Most people love them both.

4. No need to choose

There is no need to choose one over the other. A person might have a taste for the white one or the dark one at different times. Since May 19 is National Devil's Food Cake Day, it would be nice to celebrate the cake of the day instead of any other dessert.

5. Calories

One would be surprised to know that Devil's food cake has fewer calories than a regular chocolate cake. There are about 242 calories in one slice of Devil's food cake with chocolate frosting, while the same size slice of regular chocolate cake without frosting has about 340 calories. Of course, all that changes depending on the size of the slice.

Do you love Devil's food cake? If so, enjoy a slice on its national day. If you feel guilty about the calories, eat a smaller slice.