If you have heard of a Low Carb diet, you have a reasonably good idea of what foods the diet mainly promotes; Fish and Shellfish, Meat and Poultry, Eggs and Cheese, and non-starchy vegetables such as Cauliflower and Broccoli. These foods have very few carbohydrates in them, and so are encouraged to be consumed on a daily basis.

There are, however, a few ingredients that are not as widely associated with low carb diet as those listed above, and which can add a great variety to an otherwise restrictive diet plan.

Almond Flour / Coconut Flour

When adapting to a low carb lifestyle, having almond flour and/or coconut flour in your food pantry is a must.

Researching the net carbs (which is the total carbohydrate minus the fiber) of different kinds of flours showed that; traditional all-purpose white flour has on average 23 grams of carbohydrates in one serving (a quarter cup). Almond flour has 3 grams for the same serving. Coconut flour is slightly higher, at 6 grams of carbs for one serving.

Typically, when low carbing, the aim is to stay at or around 20 net carbs daily, according to the Atkins Diet and Keto Lifestyle's books. This limit is eventually increased once the desired weight loss has been achieved. Having the option to bake or cook with almond or coconut flour instead of the carb-heavy all-purpose flour, brings some much-needed variety into the diet.

There are numerous recipes online for low carb treats using almond/coconut flour. These include making pizza bases (known famously as the Fathead dough), bagels, cakes, cookies, bread and breading for fish or chicken.


Another must for any low carb dieter's pantry is flaxseed. This versatile ingredient has zero net carbs since one serving (two tablespoons) has 6 grams of carbs and 6 grams of fiber.

Those who low carb work with only net carbs, and so flaxseed comes in at zero carbs. Flaxseed can be used for many low carb recipes, such as pizza bases, breading for chicken and fish, and even sprinkled on salads and veg. Flaxseed is packed full of healthy fats such as omega-3’s. Often flaxseed is attributed to improving skin and hair health.

It is reported to help lower cholesterol, support gut and digestive health, and can even help with hormonal imbalances.

Almond Milk

At the very start of a low carb diet, milk is off limits. It is gradually re-introduced at a later stage, once weight loss has been achieved, but for many tea/coffee drinkers, the thought of not having any milk in their hot beverages is simply horrifying. Almond milk is the low carb alternative. Whole milk (cow's milk) has 12 grams of carbs in one cup. Almond milk in comparison, has only 1 gram. It is also vegan and naturally lactose-free and contains no saturated fats.