Whole grains are rich in soluble fiber and have many health benefits, but it is not always easy to obtain the proper amount each day. There is one simple food hack however that may help. By implementing this step on a Daily basis you will have a routine that will ensure better health, including lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and even weight. Your heart will thank you and this tip may lead to a longer life with fewer medical issues. Numerous studies indicate that just two daily servings of whole grain products are all that is needed to bring in the health benefits.

It may be easier than you think to consume this amount in your diet.

Whole grain products have multiple health benefits

A whole grain has all three sections of the kernel intact, which are the germ, bran, and endosperm. According to Lilian Cheung from the Harvard School of Medicine, when the bran and germ are stripped away, you then have a refined product. She adds that it is important to look for the words "whole" and to make sure it is listed as one of the first three ingredients. This ensures the quantity and quality, and also ensures that you will enjoy the multiple health benefits of the foods you eat.

Products with whole grains will slow down the way your body processes what you eat and prevent blood sugar spikes.

This will keep your blood glucose levels in a normal range and prevent or help with diabetes. Other pluses are lower blood pressure and cholesterol, plus a decrease in appetite because you feel fuller longer. This is a great way to assist if you are trying to lose weight. This is wonderful news for your heart and also for your overall health.

Your body will love this easy food hack

This one simple food hack is easy to do. First, purchase the whole grain products that you enjoy, such as cereals, crackers, nuts, granola and cereal bars. Fill a bowl each morning with enough cereal or crackers to equal two daily servings and snack on it throughout the day until the bowl is empty.

You can also put the cereal crackers and other snacks in ziplock bags to munch on while driving or during lunch/work breaks.

You can also keep whole grain fruit or snack bars on hand so you can grab one when necessary. Set them in the bowl on the table or keep a few in your vehicle or purse. Whole grain products are filled with fiber which aids the digestive system and helps you remain full a lot longer. By utilizing this simple food hack you will get the nutrition that your body will love without having to stress over it. Shortcuts are the way to go in this fast-paced world we live in.