Many people are liking the vegan idea when it comes to food for 2018. According to Whole Food Market, their top trends include “floral flavors, functional mushrooms, and root-to-stem” foods because of society wanting to eat healthier. Here are five food trends to look out for:

Floral flavors

These include edible petals which seem to give a wonderful botanical flavor to many Drinks. The elderflower is the hottest flower on the market due to being able to add them to just about anything, but the bright pink hibiscus tea comes in next.


Powders are booming.

They are added to lattes, smoothies, and soups, just to name a few. Protein drinks are being made out of powders to help with many different things such as bodybuilding, hair, and skin. Those who are wanting an energy boost are buying powders like “matcha, maca root, and cacao,” says Whole Foods Market. If you don’t want to crack open an egg, there are powders that can assist. Ground turmeric powder is rising as well due to the many health benefits it provides.


Mushrooms are becoming mainstream since they have healing powers. These aren’t portabella mushrooms, instead, they are chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. These mushrooms add great flavor to broth, while some are being added with cocoa, coffees, and soaps.

Don’t be alarmed when you see shampoos and hair care in the store created with mushrooms.


These foods are on the rise, especially since it is reducing food waste. The stems and roots most people are not used to eating are a new trend. There is now broccoli-stem slaw, beet-green pesto, and pickled watermelon rinds, according to Whole Foods Market.

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The Foodgod claims we can expect to see more of this in restaurants and homes. Do not be surprised when your dinner comes and the carrot still has the leaves on top.


Brownies, cookies, candies, and butter are all being made from cannabis. As the law starts to change, legalizing Marijuana, foods are changing. San Francisco, California has their own cannabis cooking community center.

This is because there are nutrients that have been found in the cannabis plant that no other plant on this earth is able to offer. This plant has been found to treat inflammation, help promote weight gain, eliminate some pain, and has even been used to fight prostate cancer. For the states where it is legal, get ready for a new, booming food trend.