According to Men's Health, there are ten very good reasons why you should drink Beer. Overindulgence of alcoholic beverages is frowned upon and never recommended, but moderate consumption has been shown to offer amazing benefits for your health. These findings come from nations around the world and bring new insight into the way our bodies function. From heart disease to cognitive skills and even improved eyesight, study after study indicates that a can or glass beer can be as beneficial as a prescription medication in fighting disease and keeping you healthy.

Keep in mind, however, that if you are prone to alcoholism, you should consider other options.

Drinking beer can be heart healthy

The first benefit comes from Italian researchers who indicate that drinking beer can protect your heart. They did a study which indicates that beer drinkers had a 42% lower risk of heart disease than those who do not indulge. The second reason to take a drink comes from Dutch research which reports that beer drinkers have a decreased risk of type two diabetes. It was noted that men who already were drinking several beers a day did not see a decrease in blood sugar levels.

The third benefit of moderate consumption of this Alcoholic Beverage comes from studies done at Harvard University, which indicate that beer has properties which can lower blood pressure.

The fourth reason to drink beer is that a Regon Health and Science study suggests that it fights infection. Number five on the list is that having a brew every now and then can prevent fractures.

More reasons to drink beer

If you need more evidence of why you should drink beer, According to Consciousness and Cognition, downing a brew boosts creativity.

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They give as example 40 men who were watching a movie and doing verbal puzzles. The study found that the men who had been drinking beer and had a blood alcohol content of .075 solved puzzles a little quicker than the ones who did not drink. This is why the sixth good reason to indulge is to improve cognitive function. Number seven is that results of a Spanish study indicate that drinking beer helps improve recovery time after a workout.

The eighth reason beer is beneficial is because British researchers say that it boosts confidence. Number nine is a Canadian study which states that drinking beer improves eyesight and prevents cataracts. The tenth and final good reason you should drink beer on a regular basis is that researchers from Finland found that each bottle of beer a man drinks reduces his chance of kidney stones. So there you have it, ten really good ways your health will improve by drinking beer in moderation.