Although there will be exceptions, it is obvious to say that Cocoa is delicious. However, this is not the most interesting aspect of the cocoa, as dietitians and doctors consider it a more than healthy food. We can take it daily without exceeding the daily ounce and with a minimum purity of 60%. Most people know Cocoa as a ground powder which is used in chocolate preparation.

Rich in plant minerals, antioxidants, and oleic acid, cocoa gives you the energy necessary to develop any physical or mental activity, while preserving the proper functioning of the heart and fighting aging.

Why is cocoa so healthy?

When coming from a plant, it provides us with numerous essential vegetable minerals for the correct performance of the organism: copper, calcium, iron, potassium or magnesium, the latter being the most outstanding, since it is essential to strengthen muscles, tendons, and cartilages, besides be a powerful brain activator.

Athletes, students, and patients with anemia are its main beneficiaries. Do you know that it contains more iron than lentils?

Almost in all likelihood, what most sounds to you about the benefits of cocoa is its cholesterol regulating contribution and its protective action of the heart. Not in vain, their phytosterols and their oleic acid raise the good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce the bad (LDL), improves blood flow and lower blood pressure.

The final result is an optimal opening of the arteries and a lower probability of developing thrombi, which results in greater well-being for the cardiac system.

Cocoa and its antioxidants

Indeed, cocoa accumulates more antioxidants than green tea or cranberries. Its Polyphenols are used in many facial masks, body lotions or anti-cellulite creams, precisely because cocoa contains valuable Compounds capable of cushioning the impact of aging and correcting skin irregularities.

Its flavonol, another antioxidant, activates the cells responsible for balancing the level of blood sugar as you see, suitable to contain type 2 diabetes.

Do you know why cocoa feels so good?

The explanation lies in a series of compounds it contains that contribute to the release of endorphins. We refer to phenylethylamine, anandamide, and theobromine, the latter will also help to calm a cough, now that colds abound. Always in moderation, do not hesitate to include dark chocolate in your diet and you will see life with different eyes.