Cooking a turkey can be challenging at the best of times, during the Holidays even more so. Turkeys can get dried out if not cooked just right.

If you want to make a turkey this holiday season, let some of TV‘s most famous celebrity chefs help you along the way. Each has their own methods and recipes, thankfully even videos that can show you exactly what to do.

Jamie Oliver offers his take on turkey which he considers to be a "Fail-Safe Roast Turkey.” Other videos are available for his "Fail-Safe Gravy" and "Fail-Safe Stuffing."

If you want to try the classic flavors of lemon, parsley, and garlic, try Gordon Ramsay‘s Christmas favorite.

Made moist by the savory butter under the skin, this recipe receives a lot of praise. This recipe will take you about three hours to prepare and cook but leave yourself a couple of hours to let the turkey rest.

Martha Stewart offers many different ways to cook a turkey. She actually has 18 listed on her website. The "Turkey With Brown Sugar Glaze," listed below, takes less than four hours to cook and prep.

Alton Brown, on the other hand, believes in brining a turkey. He recommends starting two to three days before you actually begin roasting. This way you can allow the turkey to thaw in the fridge, and then immerse your turkey in the brine and allow it sit for eight to 16 hours.

Nigella Lawson also loves her brined turkey.

She likes how tender the meat becomes and the spiciness you can get from the brine. For Nigella, the brine has a lot more spices than the brine used by Alton Brown. She recommends soaking the turkey in the brine for at least a day or two if not just overnight so give yourself plenty of time.

If you’re looking for a slightly non-traditional sauce on your traditional turkey, try Cindy Pawlcyn’s "Roast Turkey With Pipian Sauce." This rich Mexican sauce is made with guajillo or ancho chiles Mexican Oregano and other spices.

It may just change your mind about turkey gravy forever.

Mary Berry is probably best known for her British baking show “The Great British Bake Off” but she can roast a turkey too. Her recipe is short, sweet and to the point. With the make-ahead option for the stuffing, this turkey can be whipped up in less than four hours.

If you’re in a hurry then you’ll want to go with Rachel Ray’s secret to cooking your turkey in only two hours.

Spatchcocking the turkey will get you a much faster cooking time, leaving you more time to sleep in on the day. For those of you not aware, spatchcocking is where you remove the back of the turkey and cook it flat. It is that flatness which gives you the faster cooking time.

So if you need a little help, ask the pros and enjoy!