The second Friday in October celebrates World Egg Day. That means people all over the world pay tribute to something they usually eat every day anyway. Since most people love the food, it is not just a state or national holiday. Instead, it is a day celebrated around the globe internationally because the food is universal and Eggs are an essential part of dishes all over the world.

You might wonder why people celebrate this product from a hen on this particular day of the year. Every day is a day to celebrate something, and it just so happens to be time for the celebration of eggs.

It is an excellent opportunity to help raise awareness of their benefits, especially when some people don't know that their health values.

World Egg Day has been in existence since 1996 when it was introduced by the International Egg Commission with the goal to boost the eating of the food and to stop people from thinking eggs aren't healthy because they do have many benefits.

Uses of eggs

Eggs are so versatile that they can be consumed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People can also eat them in many different ways. They are not boring because there are various ways to prepare them. A person could eat them one way for breakfast, another for lunch and yet another for dinner if they desired. The point is that there are many different options.

Not only are eggs widely eaten alone, but they are also used in many dishes. Eggs are used in meatloaf and other meat dishes, in salads such as egg salad and potato salad, and in desserts like cakes and pies.

Ways to prepare

Eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways, and most people have their own favorite way to eat them. It seems as though scrambled might top the list for a majority of individuals.

Some methods of preparation other than scrambled include hard boiled, soft boiled, fried, poached, sunny side up, over easy, Eggs Benedict, omelets, quiche and pickled. It is a matter of personal taste.

There has not been a study indicating whether men love them one way and women love them another way. While there is no set rule about which type people like, there is a good indication they prefer what their parents served them when they were growing up.


Most people know that eggs contain high cholesterol. Even so, they are healthy. They are high in nutrition but low in fat. They are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

No matter how you like your eggs and no matter how many you eat on World Egg Day, know that you are celebrating with others on every continent and in every country with one of the few foods by which every one is connected.