A netizen shared an Instagram photo showing the package of Oreos with an entirely different flavor, Hello Giggles reported. Consumers have been used to the cookies made by this brand in its classic taste – chocolate flavor with vanilla filling.

Instagram user @thejunkfoodaisle, whose social media page contains photos of well-known food brands, posted this new flavor of Oreos. The netizen also revealed that this new package is only available for a limited time.

“Coming soon! Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo! Huge thanks to the guys at Wreckless Eating for the scoop!” @thejunkfoodaisle wrote in the caption.

The package has a photo of the Oreo cookie with a red-colored filling.

It also indicated that it is made to taste like “cinnamon candy.”

The company has released other limited edition flavors in the past. These included hot cocoa, cookie butter, jelly donut and pumpkin spice.

Social media reactions

Meanwhile, social media users posted various reactions to the photo. Some netizens expressed their excitement over this new cookies, while many of the fans did not like them.

“Yuck that is gross!!” user @barbie_30_ wrote. Another Instagram user @csmith8604 said that he had a negative feeling about the package.

He said, “Huge lover of Oreo flavors... but this will be a big negative, I feel. Like Swedish fish. And anyone [notices] they misspelled chocolate on the package?”

Despite these negative reactions, others are looking forward to tasting the cookies. A netizen named @cindydreamstatus77 wrote, “Yum! I can’t wait to try them.”

Chocolate hazelnut

Aside from the spicy variant, Oreo also teased another flavor that might be released soon.

These are cookies with chocolate hazelnut taste that might resemble that of the Nutella brand.

The package featured the cookie but instead of the black color, it had a light golden brown color. It also featured an image of a chocolate spread placed inside a jar.

Nabisco, the company behind the brand has not confirmed these reports. A spokesperson said that they will gather more details about these newest flavors, Today reported. They added, “We’ll be sure you’re one of the first to know!”

Meanwhile, the official announcement about the brand's mystery flavor is still on the roll. Earlier, it launched a competition that will give a lucky fan to win $50,000 when he or she is able to guess this mystery flavor right. So far, some of the answers went as far as “toothpaste flavor” to as fancy as “cotton candy flavor.”