Almost everyone loves chocolate. However, some people don't eat it as often as they want to because they feel guilty. According to a recent article from Health & Fitness, there is new information about eating dark Chocolate that came as a result of a study compiled by researchers at the University of L’Aquila.

The study revealed the effect the item has on the human brain. The new information will help chocolate lovers eliminate the guilt about eating it. Researchers concluded that people should eat Dark Chocolate every single day for Health Benefits.

A memory booster

Those who participated in the study ate dark chocolate and proved that it is a memory booster. Within hours of eating it, they were able to pass memory tests with flying colors. This would be helpful for college students to know who can't remember information after they have studied for the many tests they have to take. Dark chocolate is also a miracle medicine for seniors who have a hard time remembering because of their age.

Better sleep

People who used to complain about not getting enough sleep were quite surprised with the results after eating dark chocolate, they were no longer sleep deprived. Eating just an ounce of the good stuff before retiring for the night worked wonders for those who were tested.

Reduces stress

If people knew dark chocolate would relieve stress, they would always keep it handy. Research showed that people who ate an ounce of it every day for two weeks had a decrease in the stress hormone. The higher the cocoa content, the more benefits the chocolate produces. For example, organic chocolate contains at least 70 percent cocoa.

When purchasing it from the store, check the cocoa content and buy the one with the higher amount.

Other benefits

According to the Italian researchers, there are other major benefits of eating a small amount of the product each day. It provides a lower level of inflammation that could lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

For overall brain health and other benefits, try eating dark chocolate every day for two consecutive weeks and notice the results. Keep in mind that the study was on done on just any chocolate. The results are not the same for all types of chocolate, just the dark kind.

There should be no more guilty feelings about eating chocolate based on the results of the research. On the other hand, a person should now feel guilty for not eating it.