There is a national day for almost everything. October 22 is National Nut Day. It's not a day to celebrate your unstable neighbor or your crazy cousin. The nut that has its own day is the edible kind that comes in a hard shell. There are so many nuts, and at least one of them is bound to be your favorite.

Nutritional value of nuts

Believe it or not, nuts are nutritious snacks. They taste good and are very healthy. Medical studies and doctors say nuts are a good source of fiber, protein and unsaturated fat. Besides, nuts help reduce high blood pressure and reduce the risks of heart disease.

You and your family can celebrate National Nut Day by eating a handful of any nut for a snack after your Sunday dinner. Perhaps since it is National Nut Day, you can try some you have never eaten before. If you have a bowl of different nuts on the table, your family might eat something different.

So many nuts

There are so many nuts available for consumption that there is no need for people to get bored eating the same ones most of the time. People should venture out and try some new ones they have never tasted before. More than likely, they will like them.

Some of the more popular nuts include walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, chestnuts, macadamia, and Brazil nuts. It is not an oversight that Peanuts were not added to the list.

About peanuts

Most people do not know that peanuts are not nuts despite the name. Peanuts are really legumes and belong in the bean family. One way to prove that peanuts are not nuts is to know they do not grow on trees. They grow on plants that come from the ground like other beans. Even though peanuts are not in the category of a nut, they are eaten in the same way as actual nuts that come from trees.

During your conversation with your family members, mention that the peanut is not really a nut and see what their reaction will be. Don't be surprised if they do not believe you until they Google it and read it for themselves. Most people don't believe it when they first hear it. Even though peanuts are not nuts, they still have nutritional value and are high in protein like nuts.

They are also very versatile. They can be cooked in or out of the shell. They can also be dry roasted or boiled.

You probably don't have to be reminded of the many benefits of peanuts. Not only are they used to make peanut butter, but they are also used in cakes and cookies and as a topping for other desserts. Whether you eat peanuts or other nuts on National Nut Day, enjoy them.