Are you on a crash diet this fall? Does everything seem distasteful and boring because you want to get back in proper shape? Well, you may not be able to enjoy pizza, burgers or french fries, but there are certainly other ways to treat your taste buds without putting in extra weight, and the bonus is they can also help you to burn your fat. If you have been surviving on boiled veggies and fruit juices, it’s high time to turn to Spicy Food and boost up your metabolism system.

Suppress your appetite with spicy food:

Many people complain that they gain weight primarily because they are unable to restrain their hunger.

The affinity of human taste buds towards fast food is undeniable, even if your stomach is full. This is more likely to happen, whenever you eat your favorite dish and overeating eventually leads to weight gain. An efficient way to combat this problem is to add spices to your meals. According to “International Journal of Obesity,” people, who eat capsaicin (the primary active component in hot pepper) with food, tend to intake about 16% fewer calories than others.

Improve your metabolism to burn calories faster:

Your basic metabolism rate plays a vital role in weight management. If you want to lose weight faster, it is mandatory to improve your metabolism system. Adding spices like black pepper, ginger, chili flakes, garlic, capsaicin, etc.

in your food tends to raise the body temperature through thermogenesis and thereby boosts up your metabolism efficiently. As per Medylife, a simple bowl of chili can help you to boost up your metabolism about 8% and burn a bit of fat too!

Burn your fat faster:

Eating spicy food can not only curb your appetite but also can help you in burning fat relatively faster.

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As per a research published in “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” spicy food does not contribute much to energy loss, but it does promote fat burning among overweight people.

However, adding excessive spices can be harmful to your health. Do not push yourself to consume spicy food, if you do not like it at all. Try to add a pinch of ginger or cardamom in your tea or a pinch of pepper in your omelet to enhance the flavor gradually.

A balanced approach towards weight loss and management is ideally recommended, to sustain it for a long time and stay healthy.

Have you tried spicy food already? Share with us how effective it has been for you. If you have any other effective weight loss tips, please share them in the comment box, to benefit our readers.