Last Tuesday, a Man in Florida headed to an IHOP restaurant and did what many people do there. They ordered Pancakes, but then he did something that most people probably wouldn't do. He decided to take his pancakes to a busy street, where he enjoyed his meal. Not only did he have pancakes, but it looked like he had a side of bacon and eggs and some syrup. Witnesses got a chuckle over the incident, but police didn't really think it was a laughing matter.

Facing charges

The man who ate pancakes in the middle of the road is 21-year-old Kiaron Thomas of Lakeland.

Police charged him with placing an obstruction in the roadway and for disrupting traffic flow. Thomas will have to go to court at the end of April to answer to the charges.

Eating off a table

Apparently, Thomas wasn't actually sitting on the ground. He set up a small TV table and ate his pancakes off of it. Police originally responded to a caller who said Thomas was sitting in a chair in the road. The call came in around 10:30 a.m., but when officers arrived on the scene, Thomas was already gone.

Thomas may have gotten away with dining in the middle of the road, but he was eventually caught. Someone captured his dining experience on video and then posted it to Facebook. The person recording it could be heard saying that he (Thomas) was a fool.

In the video, a tractor-trailer truck can be seen approaching the crosswalk, and that's when Thomas, who is shirtless and appears to be wearing a pair of pajama pants complete with a pair of slippers, casually starts to dig into his pancakes.

Other vehicles started to approach Thomas, but they drove around him. The video was just under a minute long.

A lot of people seen the clip, including police in Lakeland.

The police department became aware of the video after someone sent it to them via a message. They noticed that Thomas was tagged in it. They tracked him down and then arrested him. As for the motivation, Thomas said he lives near the intersection, but only did the stunt as a joke.