If you have just bought some tofu, but you may be at a loss as to what to do with it. Many people struggle with what to do with the pack of protein, and they are never really sure if tofu is supposed to be as boring as it can sometimes be. Sure, if you serve it straight out of the package, it is rather boring. However, tofu is a great source of protein and you should continue to buy it and get more creative with the dishes you can create. If you're struggling to come up with some creative ways to use the product, here are some creative ideas. Keep in mind that you can get two kinds of consistencies; hard and soft.

Whip it into smoothies and desserts

Many people do not know what to do with tofu when they buy it, and when they head to the grocery store, they end up buying a hard consistency. The hard tofu can be fairly limited, but the softer version actually has more varieties when it comes to great recipes. For one, you can put soft tofu in shakes, smoothies, and even desserts as it acts as a creamy base. This kind of solution will replace Ice Cream and heavy cream in desserts and shakes. While you may not get the vanilla flavor of ice cream, you can always use this as a base and then some natural vanilla bean.

Make it scrambled

If you ended up buying a package of hard tofu, you can cut into small pieces and sprinkle it on a pan with egg.

This is a healthy option for Vegetarians. If you're vegan, the tofu itself will serve as the egg scramble. Because this bean product does not have much flavor, make sure to season your scramble with spices and even extra vegetables. You can actually end up creating quite a delicious meal, such as an omelet or a breakfast scramble.

Make sandwiches

While the soft version is great for desserts, the hard tofu can be used for sandwiches. Treat it like you would meat and throw it on the barbeque with some spices and even a sauce. You can then add a layer of tofu in your sandwiches. But don't stop here. Remember to add vegetables, dressings, spices, and even a pickle.

The extra layer of protein will give you the punch that you crave to stay full all day.

Make creamy sauces

The last solution is to use a soft tofu for sauces. Whether you were serving up some potatoes or perhaps even a pasta dish, the soft tofu helps create a solid base that allows you to add spices and flavors that compliment your dish perfectly. There are many alternatives and ideas on the internet, so don't be afraid to search for some new sauce ideas. But practice makes perfect. So it may be best to do some research before throwing yourself over a huge meal like Thanksgiving dinner.

Are you surprised that you can use tofu for so many dishes?