People know Oprah Winfrey loves to grow her own vegetables, and she loves to cook. Consumers will soon be able to eat what Oprah eats. That's because she has a food line that will be in some supermarkets this week and in grocery stores nationwide by October 2017.

'O, That's Good!'

Oprah's food line is called, "O, That's Good!" and it consists of refrigerated soups and side dishes that Oprah refers to as "comfort Foods." The 63-year-old media mogul is in a partnership with Kraft Heinz, America's third-largest food company. The new brand will offer vegetables, such as mashed potatoes with a mixture of cauliflower.

Also, there is a broccoli cheddar soup with butternut squash replacing the cheese. There are eight items -- four soups and four sides. None of the dishes have artificial ingredients. The soups cost $4.99 and the sides sell for $4.49.

How the dishes came about

According to Oprah, the dishes are refrigerated comfort foods, but they are healthier than the comfort food people are probably accustomed to eating. She described how she came up with the idea for the combinations. She said she was eating cauliflower and tried to pretend she was eating mashed potatoes. That idea didn't work, so she mixed mashed potatoes with cauliflower and she was so pleased with the result that she wanted to share it with the public.

What she did was put healthy ingredients in a not-so-healthy dish to come up with an entirely new dish. Some are already referring to the meals as grab-and-go foods.


In a press release on Wednesday, Oprah said she was approached by Kraft Heinz to partner with the company to offer the refrigerated foods. She said it got her attention because she loves healthy food from her own garden.

She is excited about the opportunity because she can share her nutritious comfort food with others.

Kraft Heinz also made a statement concerning the new food line. The company wants the public to know that O, That's Good! has nothing to do with the deal Oprah has with Weight Watchers and no mention of that weight loss program will be on the package.

Ten percent of the profits from Oprah's food line will be divided between two anti-hunger charities known as Rise Against Hunger and Feeding America.

This is not the first time Oprah has been involved with food and drink. In 2014, she partnered with Starbucks to offer chai tea. A percentage of the proceeds was donated to Oprah's leadership foundation.