People eat eggs many different ways. They might eat them scrambled, boiled, fried, poached or in an omelet for breakfast. They often eat them in mixed in salads and other dishes. Of course, people know #Eggs are used in desserts like cakes and pies. In other words, eggs are a staple in most households, and they have many #Benefits for the body when a person eats two eggs every day.

A bad reputation

Eggs have gotten a bad reputation because many people worry that egg yolks contribute to LDL cholesterol levels. However, a person can eat up to three eggs every day without any damage to one's health. What people might not know is that the body needs cholesterol because without it, they would die.

Benefits for the brain

Choline found in eggs helps the #Brain Cells prevent memory loss and aids in communication. Clinical studies have proven that this vitamin is very important for the brain to work at its maximum capacity. If a person eats two eggs every day, the body will be provided with the necessary daily intake of choline for a healthy brain. If you find yourself forgetting things, eat more eggs.

For eyes, hair, skin, teeth, and bones

Eggs contain lutein, the substance that keeps eyes clear. A boiled egg contains the same amount of Vitamin D that's in a spoonful of fish oil. Most people will agree that the boiled egg tastes much better. Vitamin D is known as the sun vitamin that strengthens teeth and bones because it helps the body absorb calcium.

Did you know that Vitamin B12, protein and biotin in eggs work wonders for shiny hair and healthier skin? Egg yolk is good for your hair and the white is rich in Vitamin A that keeps your skin free of acne and wrinkles.

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It aids in healing rashes, scars, and burns. It also helps eliminate age spots and dark circles from under the eyes.

Toxins from liver and other benefits

Eggs have phospholipids that help eliminate toxins from a person's liver. Omega 3 acids found in eggs decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer.

A person can lose weight faster if he eats two eggs a day in any style. Eggs are such an energy booster that they keep a person full much longer. That means he doesn't need to grab something else that might not be as healthy. There is a reason most diets include eggs for breakfast.

An added benefit is that eggs are affordable and are on most families' weekly grocery list. Anyone on a budget appreciates the low price. Helpfully, a review of these benefits will keep you from feeling guilty if you eat eggs several times a week.