Favorite coffee and doughnut chain Dunkin’ Donuts is reportedly planning to change its name, dropping “Donuts” from the signage of selected stores.

According to Time, the doughnut giant based in Massachusetts reportedly wants to just go with the name Dunkin’” because it seeks to emphasize its coffee products more than the bread products.

The report added that there is an upcoming Store branch in Pasadena, California that will start using the new store name. The Dunkin’ branch in Pasadena is said to be the first store worldwide to shift to this new brand.

Dunkin’ Donuts has been serving fresh doughnuts and coffee to customers for several years. Time added that there are more than 11,000 Dunkin’ locations around the world. Customers surely will react to this name, and might even think that it is a different store.

However, the report cleared out that only selected stores will be able to try the rebranded name for now.

The company statement was quoted in the report saying that this is part of their efforts to maintain themselves as the leading doughnut retailer in the world.

“As part of our efforts to emphasize that Dunkin’ Donuts is a coffee leader as well, we will be testing the name in in few signage that refers to the brand simply as ‘Dunkin,’” Time quoted the company.

Risky effort

Despite reports that name changes tend to be risky for food outlets, the doughnut company is headstrong with this effort. According to the news article, the new name is not a big deal.

The company cited an advertising campaign long before they thought of changing the store signage. The advertisement used the slogan “America Runs on Dunkin’” without the mention of “donuts,” the report explained.

Aside from the famous chain, similar efforts were reportedly seen in our companies such as Netflix. The video streaming platform tried renaming their delivery service to Qwikster, which was far from the main company name, the news story pointed out.

The world renowned restaurant “Pizza Hut” also had its share of rebranding. It once attempted change its name to just “The Hut” according to the report.

Reactions from customers

Time noted the many reactions that the Dunkin’ Donuts planned renaming to just Dunkin’ has produced. The doughnut store has had its huge share of fans, loyal customers and patrons anywhere in the world.

The website stated that reactions can vary from acceptance, resentment, confusion to suspicion.