It is not unusual for companies to change their names. Dunkin' Donuts has used the same name for 67 years, but it is beginning to test a name change. According to official reports, Dunkin' Donuts is dropping the word "Donuts" from its title and will be identified as "Dunkin'" at its Pasadena, California location at first. The shortened name will be used at other locations later.

It usually takes a long time for people to get used to a new name. Therefore, they might continue using the old name for a while. In Dunkin' Donuts' situation, the change will not be implemented for all locations.

So, customers have to remember where they are when they refer to the chain.

Why the name change?

The Canton, Massachusetts-based company said Thursday that the name is being changed as a test to offer service to customers without pushing just donuts. After all, the company does offer a variety of other things including sandwiches and beverages. Referring to the store as Dunkin' Donuts implies that donuts are the only thing customers can purchase.

Officials want people to think of its chain as a place where donuts are not the only item. After the Pasadena, California test is over, the company will make a decision about dropping "Donuts" from its name for some or all of its 12,000 locations around the world in 36 countries.

It will take some time for the test to be conducted and the name to be officially changed all over the world.

Dunkin' Donuts has been described as one of the largest chains of its kind in the world, but all the items that are sold are not in its name. Regular customers are the only ones who know that the chain has a menu that includes donuts, sandwiches, bagels, baked goods, hot beverages and cold beverages.

This is not the first time the chain has tested something before rolling it out for all of its stores. For instance, the Dunkin' Donuts in Natick, Massachusetts tested a curbside pickup service in December 2016.

Other brands

Dunkin' Donuts isn't the first food brand to change its name to appeal more to the public. Some people still say, "Kentucky Fried Chicken," but that's an old name.

After forty years, the name was shortened to just KFC in the early 1990s. In 2012, Domino's Pizza was shortened to just Domino's.

Dunkin' Donuts has had many different slogans over the years, but this is the first time it is testing a name change. What do you think about the name change? Do you think the new name is something you can get used to saying?

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