The Summer months can be hot as you want to spend time outside. You may be one of those people who enjoys tasting what the summer has to offer us, including berries and plenty of other fresh fruit. However, it can be a tough time for some people to sit down and enjoy sweet things when it is very hot outside. There's nothing worse than having a thick coat of sugar inside of your mouth or feeling that you are bloated beyond belief because of the rich meal that you've just consumed. Luckily, there are plenty of delicious summer recipes that incorporate fresh berries.

This particular summer dessert is great for people who also love a delicious treat. This strawberry pie is a national summer delicacy in Denmark and it is simply delicious. However, if you don't like the traditional marzipan crust or if chocolate is not your thing, you can definitely spice it up to your own preferences by adding more berries or even some nuts. The crust is made with marzipan, sugar, butter, and eggs beaten together and then baked in the oven.

The traditional strawberry cake

The traditional strawberry cake has five layers. According to The Nomadic Kitchen, the first layer is a crumbly crust that reminds people of a butter cookie. It's made with butter, sugar, flour, and egg. The second layer is a marzipan filling, which is made with butter, sugar, egg, and marzipan.

If you go into a traditional bakery in Denmark, you will get the cake with two layers. But some people skip the first layer and simply make a marzipan cake base using those same ingredients. The base is then baked in the oven by itself before the custard and chocolate are added. Regardless, the two bottom layers are baked in the oven before the remaining three layers are added.

The third layer is dark chocolate. This is placed on top of the marzipan filling. The fourth layer is a vanilla custard, made with vanilla bean, whole milk, egg yolks, and sugar. The final layer is the strawberries, which can be chopped or sliced. The cake is served chilled. This is how you make the traditional strawberry cake, according to "The Nomadic Kitchen."

Can you skip the marzipan?

If you like traditional flaky pastry, don't be afraid of going all out and making a traditional Pie Crust.

It is just as acceptable to use a pie crust as it is to use just about any other kind of crust. This article is all about personalizing the recipe, not about replicating a traditional recipe.

The pie traditionally contains vanilla custard, but if you're not a vanilla person, you can use other kinds of custards as you please. For example, you can use banana flavored custard if that is more your thing. Don't be scared to do something different. This is all about creating your perfect summer strawberry tart with the flavors that you enjoy.

Do the chocolate - or don't do the chocolate

In a traditional strawberry pie, you have a layer of melted chocolate, or you'll have shaved dark chocolate on top of the final pie.

It is up to you whether you want to use chocolate. If you're not a chocolate person you can chop up some nuts and try that instead.

The final step is all about slicing the strawberries and decorating the pipe. You can slice the strawberries to create beautiful designs, whether you are positioning the strawberry slices to replicate a rose or go all out on the rustic-messy look. It's truly up to you what you want to do.

What color and flavor combinations do you see yourself trying out? Have you ever experimented with traditional recipes before and made them your own?