Coca-Cola announced on Wednesday, July 26 that it will take Coke Zero off the market. If you like Coke Zero, you might want to stock up on the product now before they are no longer available. The new beverage will be called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and will be on grocery shelves in August. The company wanted customers to know that no sugar was in the contents. That's why the name is so descriptive.

About the new soda

The new Coke item will have a new design, a new recipe, and a new taste. Officials say Coke's latest product will have zero sugar and zero calories. The beverage will be ideal for those who want the taste of a Coke without sugar and calories.

The drink has been in countries outside of the United States for while. It has been a very successful drink in about 25 markets around the world, including countries like Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Now, the new drink is coming to America next month.

What's the difference?

Will consumers be able to tell the difference between the old Coke Zero and the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar? While both are sugar-free and are alternatives to Diet Coke, the new soda has been reported to taste more like the original Coke. Unless you look closely, you might pick up the wrong bottle from the shelf in the grocery store, That's because most of the Coke bottle look alike with the black and red packaging.

According to Beverage Digest, the new drink comes at a time when the beverage industry is doing all it can to come up with low sugar and low-calorie drinks.

Coca-Cola seems to have come up with both no sugar and no calories. That is good news for the company because in 2016, the sales of sodas fell lower than they have in 30 years.

Responses to the news

Coca-Cola shares went up slightly on Wednesday after the news about the new beverage. Those who have heard the news so far can't understand why Coke Zero is being discontinued since it was being so successful.

It made its debut in 2005, and by 2016 it had become one of the top 10 brands of soda. Even though sales were growing, Coca-Cola took into consideration the success of Coke Zero Sugar that is growing by leaps and bounds globally. Therefore, executives and investors believe the new drink will be just as successful in the United States as well.

Are you willing to try the new beverage?

Many people are expected to try it to see if they like it. They say if they do like it, they will continue to purchase it because they like the idea of the soda having no sugar and no calories.

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