Australian website Smooth recently shared the newest food craze in the area, Coffee drinks poured not in coffee cups but in ice cream cones.

Social media is abuzz with the new way baristas from the “land down under” are serving coffee to customers. Instead of using coffee cups or mugs, they serve coffee in leak-proof waffle cones, the similar ones used for ice cream flavors.

Smooth said that the trend came from an Italian restaurant group called Salt Meats Cheese in their locations around Sydney and Surfers Paradise. Customers shared the photos of this delight around social media.

The report said that the restaurant lets customers order any coffee variant that baristas will blend over Ice Cream Cones with a four-layer chocolate coating around the cone, a creative way to prevent leakage. Aside from coffee, customers can also order hot chocolates in ice cream cones, the article added.

Coffee drinkers should be quick to finish it though, as the chocolate coating melts in just about 15 minutes according to Smooth.

South African version

In October last year, the same gimmick already made waves on social media but with a South African twist.

The Huffington Post reported earlier that a coffee company in the country also once offered the coffee in a cone drink as the shop’s signature menu item.

The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa added creamy decorative art over the coffee in their waffles.

According to the article, Dayne Levinrad, a coffee consultant and digital marketing executive was the person behind this trend. He reportedly came up with this idea, called hashtag coffee in a cup to celebrate people’s love for coffee and posting photos online.

Since then, there have been several versions of the beverage in ice cream cones that came out, including some flavorful alcoholic drinks.

Cocktail drinks in cones

A cocktail bar in Melbourne, Australia also tried to mimic the latest craze and created their own version, another report on Smooth stated. Their take on the social media influence is something that the more mature customers can enjoy.

The Melbourne bar used the waffles to carry four flavors of cocktails, and serve them like sundaes. The flavors were reportedly choco berry, peppermint, hazelnut and affogato. Chocolate coating is also used to avoid leakage of the alcoholic beverages, the news article mentioned further. There are also other versions of the food craze served in other parts of the world.