Sometimes cooking might be a real pain, especially after we’ve just come home from a long day at school or work. We might just get the urge to relax and call for some cheap takeout, or even worse, avoid eating altogether. While preparing a healthy meal might be tedious, there are actually a few #food hacks that can help you prep your meals much faster and efficiently. Let’s take a look at some #Simple food hacks that can help you in the kitchen.

Separating the Egg Yolk

YouTuber DaveHax has shared a few tips to help simplify your cooking methods by starting with how to easily separate an #Egg Yolk. It’s a bit difficult to do so with a spoon, and it can also get a bit messy if we try to manually do it by shuffling the yolk between the halved egg shelves.

Instead, what we can do is grab a clean plastic bottle and squeeze it before placing the open tip on top of the yolk. Let go of the plastic bottle’s sides and you’ll see the yolk get swooped in the bottle, which you can then gently place in another bowl. The cool thing about this simple life hack is that you can pick up more than one egg yolk!

Squeezing lemons

Sometimes squeezing lemons can really be a tedious task because we’d have to put a good amount of force behind it. Not to mention that sometimes the juice can get on our hand which can get a bit annoying, especially when we want to finish cooking early. To avoid both issues, just grab a pair of kitchen tongs and slip a half slice of lemon onto the edge. From there, just squeeze the tong with the lemon over a bowl and watch how easy it is to extract the juice!

Saving your salad

Nowadays, we usually buy packaged leaves when it comes to making a salad.

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However, they tend to grow a bit dull and bland if we leave the plastic open in the fridge for a few days. Because of this, we often end up tossing out the food which is a major waste of money on our end. To keep your greens fresh after opening it, just take a large piece from a paper towel and insert it into the back of the plastic bag. What this nifty little food hack does it absorb the moisture from the vegetables to keep them fresher for a longer time.

Preserve your bananas

Finally, there’s even a simple trick to help keep your bananas fresher longer. After a few days, sometimes we notice that the fruit gets rather brown, rotten, and unappetizing. To save our snack, all we need is some cling film and wrap it around the stem. This will help keep the banana fresh and prevent it from becoming soggy too quickly.