DC’s recent blockbuster "Wonder Woman" has an unsung superhero: Caitlin Dechelle.

The 26-year-old martial arts expert filled in for Gal Gadot while filming strenuous action scenes. Thanks to Dechelle, these kick-ass scenes were shot to perfection, inviting a thunderous applause from the audience.

Being Gal Gadot’s Stunt Double was no easy task. Dechelle had to almost look like Gadot to make the scenes compelling and convincing. Flawless skin, flat tummy, and great stamina were the pre-requisites.

Although a natural beauty, Dechelle had to work hard to achieve the perfect ‘Wonder Woman’ physique. This meant giving up on certain food and undergoing months of training.

“My Wonder Woman fitness routine was quite rigorous. I worked out at least two times a day, six days a week, with rehearsals on top of that. Of course, it slowed down a bit while we were shooting, but that didn't stop me from working out twice a day,” she told Blasting News.

What not to eat

Being ‘Wonder Woman’ means giving up on junk food and consuming a healthy homemade diet.

According to Dechelle, the foods to avoid are ice cream, bread, pizza, alcohol, and processed snacks like chips and cookies. Her regular diet now includes salmon, kale, chicken, broccoli, and blueberries.

Dechelle has an advice for those stuck in desk jobs.

“Keep moving as much as you can. A stand-up desk is a great option to keep your metabolism up," she says.

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"I definitely recommend hitting the gym before or after work — even if it’s only for 30 minutes. And remember you can’t put exercise with a bad diet,” says Dechelle.

Sleep well

An eight-hour sleep every night is a must for all wannabe Wonder Women.

“Sleep is very important’ says Dechelle. “Sometimes I forget to sleep as much as I need to as I get so busy, but it definitely helps your body recover and function properly. I try to catch sleep for at least 8 hours a night,” she says.

Dechelle’s long-term plan is to play a lead role in an action movie. “I’d love to be an action actress and do my own stunts,” she said.

Besides 'Wonder Woman,' Dechelle played the stunt double in blockbusters such as "Fast and Furious 7," "Supah Ninjas," "Bones," "Agents of Shield," "John Carter & Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters." Dechelle just finished filming "Asura."

Hopefully, we’ll see Dechelle playing the lead in a superhero action movie soon.

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