Nutrition guidelines have been notoriously anti-science [VIDEO], focusing more on lobbyists than consumer health. Well, the newest guidelines from Canada will change all that with a new evidence-based approach.

What Will Change?

Nothing is set in stone yet, as this is just a draft. However, there are a few proposals that are turning heads. One of the main ones is that the milk category has vanished. Due to increasing evidence that has come up about the complete uselessness of milk as part of your diet, dairy has remained on the healthy eating guide. Harvard has already eliminated dairy as a Food Group when they released their own healthy eating plate.

For instance, according to various large studies comparing milk consumption to bone fractures, a higher intake of milk in no way strengthens your bones. This can also be seen in what is called the Calcium Paradox, or the evidence that shows that countries with the highest rate of milk consumption also has the highest rates of osteoporosis. Also, according to Duke Health, excessive cow's milk consumption can prevent the absorption of iron in kids, and result in Anemia. Many are simply considering cow's milk to be a calorie-laden beverage that should be avoided.

Another thing that is being considered for change is a reduction of emphasis on animal protein, and an increase of emphasis on plant-based protein sources, like beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains. This is because animal-based protein is often higher in saturated fats, and devoid of several nutrients found mostly, or exclusively in plant foods, like Fiber and Vitamin C.

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Plant-based foods have been shown to be lead to a far healthier life as opposed to a meat-based diet, as the Dietitians of Canada claim.

Good For Veganism

Plant-based diets are not only good for your health but also good for the environment, as well as for animal rights. It seems like a step in the right direction as a plant-based diet can lower your rates of heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and even obesity, as well as lower carbon emissions. Meat replacements and dairy alternatives are on the rise globally, which makes eating plant-based easier now than ever before.

However, this is just a draft, and despite being backed by the evidence and science right now, it is still prone to be altered by lobby groups for the meat, dairy, and egg industries. You can go on their website and post your opinion about what you like or dislike about the draft from their site, so if there is anything you want to keep to change, you have a say.