The negative effect that sugar induced drinks have on our health has been proven time and again through various research and studies. Even doctors advise people to consume sugar-based soft drinks as little as possible. A new Study states that if one combines a meal high in protein with sugary drinks it will lead the body to add on some more pounds. Protein provides our body with necessary elements to build and repair our bones and muscles. However, according to this new research, a sugary drink alongside your fried chicken or burger will harm more than help.

Don’t mix sugar induced drinks with high protein meals

The study was conducted by researchers from the USDA-Agricultural Research Service Grand Forks Human Nutrition Center, who arrived at the conclusion that consumption of sugary drinks along with High Protein food will affect the body’s energy balance negatively and will lead to an increase in the storage of fat. Lead author of the study, Shanon Casperson was quoted as saying that one third of the excess calories that were provided by the sugary drinks are not eliminated and lead to the reduction of fat metabolism. Apart from that consumption of sugar-based drinks also leads to a decrease in energy to metabolize meals.

How was the study conducted?

To validate their assertions the researchers studied 27 adults with healthy weight for over a period of 24 hours. During the course of observation the study participants were given protein-rich meals along with sugary beverages. The first 15 percent protein meal was offered to the participants on their first visit, after they had fasted over night.

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On their second visit a 30 percent protein meal was given to them under the same conditions. During each meal, the study participants consumed one sugar-sweetened beverage and one non-sugar-sweetened beverage.

Results of the study

The researchers discovered that the consumption of sugar beverages reduced the fat oxidation process following a meal by 18 percent.

This means that the body took longer to break down the fat molecules it received from the food. So, when the participants consumed the 15 percent protein meal, 7.2 grams of fat were not oxidized by the body. the In case of the 30 percent protein meal, the unburned fat increased to 12.6 grams. Apart from that, Casperson also noted that the sugary drinks changed the taste buds of the participants, causing them to feel not satisfied with their meal and crave for other dishes with different flavors.