A woman residing in San Dimas was “beyond grossed out” after she and her family discovered a frog in their food served at the BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in West Covina. Shawna Cepeda visited the Californian restaurant with her family to have a meal when this incident took place. Cepeda says that she had already taken about four bites before she discovered the dead amphibian in her Salad.

Dead frog found in food at California restaurant

While having her meal Shawna stumbled on the frog and didn't recognize the dead animal as a part of her salad.

At first she thought that it was lettuce. To confirm her assertions, she passed the plate to her husband and daughter to know if she was right. However, the father and daughter recognized the frog and affirmed her fears.

Cepede describes that the frog in her salad was slimy and had “half of its, like, guts taken out already.” She also stated that the dead animal was almost one to two inches long. As soon as the dead amphibian was discovered, Cepede claims that she alerted the server who came in with the manager of the restaurant.

According to Shawna the manager offered to pay for all of their meals, however, she and her family declined the offer and said that they wanted to leave the restaurant then and there.

She says that after the incident took place, BJ’s have sent her a $50 gift card, but she was not given a proper explanation as to how a frog ended up in her meal. Cepeda claims that the manager told her that all the produce that is used to make food in the restaurant was sourced from a vendor.

However, Shawna has many unanswered questions.

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She is afraid that the frog may have been infected with salmonella and may have infected other food items as well. Nevertheless, she claims that the restaurant authority did nothing to notify its other customers after the frog was discovered in her food. She says that there were other patrons who were consuming the same salad that she had ordered.

They were not made aware of the incident, or a possible infection if the salad ingredients were contaminated.

Department of Health conducts investigation

An investigation into the matter was conducted by the Los Angeles County Department Of Health. However, the agency revealed that it did not find any possible contamination in the lettuce. An employee at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse confirmed that a frog was discovered in a customer's salad. The results of the investigation are forthcoming.