McDonald's has been arguably the most successful fast-food chain for many years. Over time Mickey D's has continued to serve their signature products while also adding many new products to continue its expansion. Recently, they became the first fast-food chain to offer breakfast all day. Along with that, they've released the little and big brother to the classic "Big Mac" sandwich named the "Grand Mac" and the "Mac Jr."

McDonald's has taken a huge step into further expanding their business by offering Delivery Service to distribute their products now.

Adapting to change

Companies like Amazon have made extensive changes to promote and distribute their products at the most convenient speed. Their "Flex" program ensures rapid delivery aside from their standard delivery service. This idea alone has allowed Amazon to reach heights competitors never saw coming and increase their revenue drastically.

McDonald's has seemed to take a page out of their book. For years McDonald's has been in competition with other food chains such as Burger King, Wendy's, and Checkers. However, to separate themselves from the competition the company has offered delivery service for their food products. None of its competitors have shown they are willing to adapt to change, so Mickey D's has taken the appropriate initiative.

Available locations

According to, "McDonald's delivery to be available in 3,500 restaurants by the end of June." They also reported that "The Golden Arches found that 60 percent of delivery orders were placed in the evening or late night." Instead of using their own delivery drivers, McDonald's has partnered with the highly successful ride-sharing service of Uber.

They've also partnered with food delivery service companies such as Doordash and Postmates.

Using technology

To order food for McDonald's delivery service, customers can use the app created a couple of years ago called UberEats. Using the app customers will be able to see how long it will take for their food to arrive and order their items according to their pleasure.

As usual, Uber does not require customers to tip drivers for their service.

According to Eater New York, "while McDonald's has been available for delivery through Postmates and DoorDash - where fees can rack up to more than the cost of a meal at McDonald's - UberEats is often a more affordable option with a flat $5 delivery fee."