food is the basic requirement of every living being, it is assumed to be healthy when it contains all the nutrients required by the body to function perfectly. An unhealthy food is harmful to the body, causes malfunctioning and promotes diseases. The main food categories are protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins and a healthy Eating has to do with taking a good proportion of each of the main food categories.

Human beings eat not because they are hungry, but because the food is available or it is a particular time to eat. It is healthier for us to eat when the body gives us the signal for the need of food, not when we think it is lunch time or dinner time.

Unhealthy eating is damaging to the body but this article will serve as a guide for us to know how and what to eat to maintain a healthier body system.

Make the right choice of food

It is very necessary for maintaining good health to choose proper food in the right combinations for the sustenance of the body. The food we eat has a direct influence on the mind. Everything we eat gives a sensation on the palate and also has certain chemical effects on the body and brain. The sensation created by food determines specific mentality.

Have a good diet combination

Making the right choices in our diet is very important for a healthier life, more attention should be given to those foods that are closer to their natural state.

These are called living foods because they still contain the active enzymes which help in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients available in the food we consume.

Cooking food reduces or completely removes the nutrients we need for a healthier body. It makes digestion rigorous because the body has to do more work to move dead and unnatural substance through the intestine.

This process is capable of sucking all enzymes from the other organs and also stresses the colon. Natural foods have a unique savory taste but cooked foods have only sweet, salty and fatty tastes. The following are food suggestions for healthier life.

Raw Vegetables

These are the greatest source of minerals and the second greatest source of all vitamins, organically grown vegetables are recommended for better health with the majority being cooked by either light steaming or boiling, with a small amount of cold pressed oil.

A small amount may be used as salad and a very small amount as pickles. Vegetables should be included in our daily diet to ensure an adequate supply of minerals to maintain alkalinity and healthier body.


These are recommended as a very good source of protein. The most suitable beans for regular use are dried beans, peas, and lentils. Other types of beans can also be used as beans provide the body with fiber and contains cancer fighting properties. They help to lower cholesterol and blood sugar.


Fruits have been identified as the greatest source of vitamins and they act as a natural cleanser while also helping to flush the digestive tract. Local and organically grown fruits are more beneficial for a healthier life.

These are daily diets that can promote good health. Some of these foods mentioned can be substituted when not available.