Just a few blocks away from the Resorts Casino, stands a family owned iconic restaurant. In the 70's my family would eat at a much smaller Mama Tucci's at least twice a week because of their delicious Italian food. But in the recent years, the family decided to expand not only the restaurant but also the menu.

The now Atlantic City Bar & Grill has become a tri-state area hangout, even to stars like Paris Hilton! Better known to the locals as A.C. Bar & Grill; the title is true to its name by separating the bar and dining room into different areas.The bar area has a very comfortable atmosphere and is surrounded by flat screen TVs for all your sports entertainment.

The dining area is very family friendly. The walls act as an Atlantic City, a historic gallery with old pictures of Atlantic City, better known in that era as the world's playground. But of course, being a foodie and this is the Jersey Shore, I'm going to show you some of my favorite seafood orders at A.C. Bar & Grill.

The choice is your's at A.C. Bar & Grill

The A.C. peel and eat shrimp, come in either a homemade spicy marinara or a scampi sauce, both come with bread and butter. I usually go with the scampi sauce. The shrimp are nice and plump, served in a wooden bowl New England, style. You will want to order extra bread for dipping because the scampi sauce is just that good! I also recommend their crab imperial stuffed mushrooms.

The crab meat is seasoned just right, the outside is light and crispy, and the inside is sweet and tender. All of this is stuffed in a juicy mushroom cap with a side of melted butter and lemon. This is a delicious appetizer.

Don't miss the crab cake balls

Crab cakes rolled into balls and deep fried served with a side of homemade wasabi sauce.These deep fried crab cakes are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside and come five to an order, which I have been known to knock off two orders all by myself, I'm bragging not complaining.

You don't automatically think wasabi sauce when you think of crab cakes, I know I didn't. But their homemade wasabi sauce tastes great with the crab cake balls. But if wasabi is not your thing? Don't worry, because the lemon and cocktail sauce will do just fine.

For the main course, the fish 'n chips. Beer battered Cod served with A.C.

seasoned fries.

If anyone knows me well, they know I'm not a fan of beer. But I am a big fan of anything beer battered! Like these fish fillets. Deep fried to a golden crisp. This ensemble of white tender Cod over old fashion seasoned fries is Jersey Shore signature platter. I like to kick it up a notch by adding some malt vinegar on the Cod and fries.

If you don't like surf try the turf

For those of you's who may not enjoy seafood, I suggest the buffalo chicken wings. Whole wings, lightly breaded and served in a spicy hot buffalo sauce with celery & blue cheese. What I love most about these wings is that they baked the buffalo sauce on the wings themselves like a dry rub, which makes the sauce more rich tasting and you don't have extra sauce dripping everywhere, so the clean up on your fingers is much easier.

All in all, these are delicious wings!

Of course, these are only my suggestions, Atlantic City Bar & Grill has a wide range of delicious foods, from Mozzarella Sticks for the kids to Filet Mignon for the meat and potato eater, and everything in between. If you decided to visit Atlantic City, this summer and don't feel like dealing with long lines in the casinos, the Atlantic City Bar & Grill is the place for you!