We were made to believe that we get protein from animal flesh and calcium from dairy products, but all protein we get from animals comes from the raw vegetation they ate. When we consume animal products, we are getting protein secondhand. At the same time, all fruits and vegetables contain protein, vitamins, and minerals. Many factors seem to suggest a moderate consumption of animal products would be a sensible choice; all topics that will be discussed in this piece.

Animal product linked with many diseases

About 90 percent of health problems experienced by human seem to be linked to the consumption of animal products.

Industrial beef contains 20 to 40 percent fat due to modern grain-feeding techniques, while the fat percentages rise to 40 to 60 for industrially produced pork. Removing the skin from a chicken breast and boiling it would still leave high fat which, over time, stores up in the arterial walls in your body and doesn't come out.

The risk of a heart attack can be eliminated 90 percent by eliminating the consumption of animal products. According to the report from World Health Organization, nonconsumption of animal products and smoking reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes in every adult to a zero level. Sugar is not the main cause of diabetes but can aggravate the problem. If you already have adult-onset diabetes you can reduce insulin completely by getting Saturated Fat out of your diet.

Diabetes is caused by saturated fat that coats the cells and does not allow the insulin to break through to the insulin receptor within the cells. When fat is removed from the diet, the fat sloughs off the cells and the insulin produced by the body works well.

Reduction of alkalinity in the body

Meat-based diets cause an acidifying effect on our body's pH balance.

Consumption of animal products increases the quantity of protein and causes excess acidity, which in turn, reduces alkalinity in the body. Animal products such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs are the most acidifying foods, high acidic content in the bodily fluid is a favorable environment for diseases and ill health. The high acidic condition is called acidosis and prolonged cases may lead to coma or death.

Epidemics like osteoporosis is caused by calcium deficiency which is as a result of the body finding a way to neutralize the acidity. Calcium happens to be the greatest alkaline substance, the body will extract calcium from the teeth and bones to neutralize the acidity caused by the consumption of a diet high in raw vegetables and fruits, the body will start to alkalize, the bone density will improve.

Animal products putrefy

The body temperature is 98.6 degrees and when we eat the animal products and hold them in the 98.6 environments, they rot in our bellies. The offensive odor that sometimes emanates from various parts of our bodies is mostly from the putrefaction of the animal products we ate.

Every time we eat animal products, saturated fat goes into our arterial system and starts clogging it up. Disease statistics have shown that about 38 percent of people eating animal products will die of complications from Alzheimer's, autoimmune disorders, or diabetes. Off all the people eating animal products, if no one changes what they eat, one out of three will die of cancer and the remaining will die of complications from other preventable diseases.

Overdose of protein consumption

According to National Health and National Examination Survey, the protein content of our daily consumption of animal products far exceeds the body's protein need. Cooking meat destroys all the enzymes necessary for the flesh to be digested.

About 100 grams of protein is consumed by the average American in a day which is four times the amount recommended by mainstream nutritionists. Eating food like oysters and fish invite parasites and bacteria into your life and while cooking kills most of the pathogens, nothing happens to the toxins.

Digestive problems

Consumption of animal products causes injury to the digestive tract, liver, intestinal colon, kidney, and urinary tract. Animal products do not have fiber, the human intestine was created and needs fiber to move food through the long digestive system. When we eat animal products, it provides no fiber to carry the intake through the long digestive tract, so it moves sluggishly, taking two to four days to exit.

Dairy products are filled with a list of saturated buffer fat which can lead to heart disease or diabetes. Food eaten by cows contain cancer-causing pesticides which are stored right in the fat at 800 percent more concentration than found in a fat matter they eat. When we consume fat in animal flesh or its butter fat, secondhand toxic substances are delivered right into our bodies. There are other contaminant bacteria, antibiotics, and growth hormones contained in the milk we drink. These growth hormones in cows and products have been found to be the cause of early puberty in our current generation of children. Human beings do not need extra cholesterol because our bodies manufacture enough, so we have the health issues when we consume more.

Health is wealth.