The NFL season is over with the Chiefs beating the 49ers 31-20 to take Super Bowl 54. As each team played at least 16 games during the 2019-20 football season, a lot of things can be taken away from watching and following the game.

Quarterbacks becoming more versatile

A quarterback's job in the NFL is to get the ball from the center and do one of the following: Hand it off to the running back, throw the ball to gain yardage or scramble to avoid being sacked and hopefully gain a few yards by the quarterback running the ball himself.

Those days are still present in today's game, but quarterbacks are starting to play receiver and also run the ball with the intention of doing so.

This is largely evidenced by Lamar Jackson, who set the single-season rushing record by a quarterback with 1206 rushing yards. Two other young quarterbacks in Kyler Murray and Josh Allen also rushed for over 500 yards apiece while Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson also ran the ball the right amount themselves too.

Another example of quarterbacks being more versatile is Saints' third-string QB Taysom Hill who did a lot more running and receiving than throwing. Hill ran for 156 yards on 27 attempts with one rushing touchdown while catching 19 of 22 targets for 234 yards and an astonishing six receiving touchdowns. Hill's got more receiving touchdowns than notable wide receivers Robby Anderson and Larry Fitzgerald while star wide receivers Julio Jones, Adam Thielen, and Jarvis Landry got the same amount of receiving touchdowns as did Hill.

Trick plays becoming a norm

One way to gain yardage in football is by deceiving your opponents during the play. This season, trick plays, sometimes known as a "wildcat", happened quite often that, in fact, you could see them happening by some team at least once each week.

One way trick plays occur is that the ball is snapped to the quarterback who then hands or flicks the ball to a WR, RB, or TE who would then play as the QB and throw the ball.

In the 2019-20 season, four different running backs combined to throw 86 yards, 11 different wide receivers combined to throw 266 yards with five throwing touchdowns, and Cowboys TE Andrew Beck was the only TE to attempt a throw which he threw the ball for a gain of six yards. Trick plays don't always work though as running back Jaylen Samuels, and wide receivers Josh Gordon and DeAndre Hopkins all threw for an interception.

Quarterbacks are also sometimes involved in these trick plays as when they aren't in possession of the ball, they sometimes become receivers themselves with the purpose of the play intending for them to catch the ball. With the exclusion of Taysom Hill, seven different quarterbacks were targeted, with five of those targets being caught for 28 yards and two touchdowns (Watson and David Blough). Again though, these trick plays don't always work, which can be proven when the Bengals attempted to use QB Andy Dalton as a receiver for a play as he ended up losing his team four yards.

Top draft picks can make huge impacts

While it truly does take a whole team effort to be a good football team, one player can have a huge impact on how a team does and that one player could even include a rookie.

In 2018-19, the 49ers finished 4-12 and selected defensive end Nick Bosa with the second overall pick in the 2019 draft. Bosa finished the season with 47 tackles, nine sacks, two pass deflections and an interception en route to being named defensive rookie of the year. Without Bosa, there's no way the 49ers would have made it to the Super Bowl.

Another example of a top draft pick making a big impact is Ed Oliver of the Bills. The Bills finished 6-10 in the 2018-19 and selected Oliver with the ninth overall pick. Oliver tackled 43 players with five sacks and two pass deflections. Oliver ended up helping the Bills flip their record from the 2018-19 season, which led to a playoff appearance.

In the 2019 draft, the Raiders had three first-round picks where they selected defensive end Clelin Ferrell fourth overall, running back Josh Jacobs twenty-fourth overall and strong safety Johnathan Abram twenty-seventh overall.

Abram only appeared in one game, but Jacobs and Ferrell played huge roles in making the Raiders three wins better. Jacobs rushed for 1150 yards averaging 4.8 yards a carry while finding the endzone on the ground seven times. Ferrell tackled players 38 times with 4.5 sacks and five pass deflections.

Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn are not the right people for the job

To say the Lions have been an absolute joke in the past few years could be an understatement. The people to blame for the poor play of the Lions are no one else other than head coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn.

Prior to hiring Matt Patricia as head coach, the Lions had Jim Caldwell control the team but was fired after a 9-7 season in 2017-18.

Ever since Patricia came to Detroit, the Lions haven't won nine games in a season as they finished 6-10 in 2018-19 and 3-12-1 this season, bringing Patricia's record to 9-22-1 as head coach of the Lions.

Patricia made costly mistakes this season that included calling a timeout when he shouldn't have in the opening game against the Cardinals. The Lions were up 24-3 going into the fourth quarter but ended up giving up 21 points, which resulted in the game being tied after both teams hit field goals in overtime. At times, Patricia hasn't utilized his players properly, which has resulted in the Lions losing games and blowing leads.

Before becoming the head coach of the Lions, Patricia was the defensive coordinator of the Patriots, which meant that the Lions would be coming in with a defensive mindset when they hired him.

Yet in the past two seasons, the defense has underperformed and has ranked near the bottom even after splurging on defensive assets during the last offseason.

Off the field, Lions general manager Bob Quinn hasn't done great at his job either. Last offseason, he signed TE Jesse James to a four year, $25 million deal but ended up taking TE T.J. Hockenson with the eighth overall pick in last year's draft. Why spend $25 million on a tight end over four years if you're going to take a younger, cheaper, and better option in the draft? That also hurts the development of Hockenson by having another tight end in his way. James also had a horrible season as he averaged one catch a game for a total of 142 yards over 16 games.

Quinn also made a questionable decision at the trade deadline as he traded safety Qandre Diggs along with a seventh-round pick in the 2021 draft for a fifth-round pick in the upcoming draft. While Diggs only appeared in five games with the Lions this season before the trade, he has proven in previous seasons that he is a starting-caliber defensive player in the NFL. The Lions also probably could have gotten a pick in a higher round than the fifth-round pick they got as perhaps they could have gotten a fourth or even a third-round pick for Diggs. The trade also sent shockwaves through the Lions fanbase and clubhouse, which even got Pro Bowl defensive player Darius Slay to state that he didn't care if he was in Detroit anymore.

It also doesn't make sense why the Lions had to include a pick of their own in order to trade Diggs.

Based on the end of season media press conference, it seems like the Lions are planning on contending in the 2020-21 season. If the Lions don't make the playoffs or get off to a bad start, you can bet that Patricia and Quinn will be shown the door without hesitation.

Felipe Carvalho is the GOAT/ultimate troll

The majority of the world is present on social media, whether its Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, or some other sort of social media platform. There's us as ordinary people who consume in it, celebrities that have thousands or even millions of people following them, and then there's Felipe Carvalho.

When the season started, he presented himself as a Dolphins fan by posting humorous videos of himself in the comment section on Facebook of football-related posts from NFL, ESPN, and other sports social media pages.

He then later went on to troll different teams by posting hilarious videos of himself wearing that teams' jersey. He's done videos where he can be seen wearing an Eagles jersey, 49ers jersey, Cowboys jersey, and other teams.

His antics have gotten him thousands of followers as on Facebook, he currently has 33 551 people following him while his Instagram page under the name "dolphinsfanhere" has 3067 followers.

Felipe can be found commenting on various social media posts but with football not coming back until August, who knows where he'll be. Hopefully, he'll keep up his hilarious social media antics during the NFL offseason. Keep doing you, Felipe.