If you've seen "Stranger Things," you know it's full of nostalgia and mystery, and it's completely addictive, to say the least. But if you haven't yet watched the Netflix powerhouse, you're missing out. This is how popular the show has become. For athletic brand Nike, "Stranger Things" is an idea worth backing. So, in a collaborative partnership with Netflix, the shoe and apparel brand has released its second super bundle based on the show. Nike calls it the "OG pack," and it looks totally different from the initial release of Hawkins High's green and orange school colors, along with its tiger mascot.

'Stranger Things' celebration

With the third season of "Stranger Things," Nike has deemed this a particular celebration since the theme is based in 1985. The shoe and apparel company mentions via its website that this specific year was pivotal for the brand. According to Nike, sports was experiencing "radical change" in 1985, especially with the summer games being held in Los Angeles. Likewise, the company notes that basketball was heading towards the "showtime" style of play. Apparently, Nike's Air collection started around this time, and the Dunks weren't long to follow.

However, at the time, the Cortez, Blazer, and Tailwind styles were Nike's bread and butter. And although the Airs and Dunks became popular soon after, the aforementioned three are the theme of the company's "Stranger Things" OG pack.

Red, white, and blue shoes

Hot New Hip Hop reports that Nike's "Stranger Things" shoes are strategically red, white, and blue since they're influenced by Independence Day. Not the movie.

Rather, July 4. And from a "reveal" video by Sneaker Huddle, each shoe box appears to come with a newspaper from the era — or at least, that's the theme of the product addition.

The reveal video is included at the bottom of this article.

Likewise, as can be seen on the back of the Nike shoe, the year marker is embroidered on each heel.

Yet, as mentioned, there's also an apparel set with the "Stranger Things" OG pack. Nike is really cutting no corners with its new release. According to the company's website, the apparel includes sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and ball caps reminiscent of the 1980's physical education uniforms of the time.

A month ago, Nike released a statement saying that the OG pack was supposed to drop July 1.

Likewise, the Hawkins High pack was set to debut on June 27. Realistically, the company could've pushed both "Stranger Things" sets whenever they wanted, and the mass hysteria would've still been the same as today.

All in all, what are your thoughts about the Netflix show's shoe and apparel release with Nike? If you're interested in the reveal video, it's located below.