In a recent interview with Comedy Hype, Carl Payne expounds on his time on and before The Cosby Show. According to Payne, Cosby was "real." He was giving people chances. Several now-known Celebrities were at the show's auditions. And interestingly enough, Carl was actually trying out for the role of "Theo." Payne says, due to his audition, he knew the part was in the bag. However, when the casting director came out to announce parts, Carl recalls that the person looked in his eyes — but instead, pointed beside him to Malcolm Jamal Warner.

Nevertheless, Carl Payne mentions that Bill wasn't done with him.

The casting director let him know that Cosby wanted to see him before left. Once the actor met with Bill, he says the comedian told him that talent wasn't the cause of him not getting the part. Carl Payne notes that Bill deemed him an excellent talent. However, Cosby told him he was "building a family," and there was a particular "business aspect" to his decision about The Cosby Show.

According to Comedy Hype's interview, Carl Payne mentions that he appreciated Bill taking the time to speak with him and let him know that it wasn't personal or any oversight. Payne notes that the legendary comedian's words stuck with him for approximately the length of the flight home. Yet, once Carl was put on the sideline and forced to watch The Cosby Show skyrocket without him, those words didn't really feel the same.

Carl Payne was eventually cast on 'The Cosby Show'

Carl continued to audition for the television series. During various attempts, he didn't get those parts.

On his last try, Payne was ready to tell them he was done auditioning out for the show and not to recall him again. However, things changed. He got the role as "Cockroach," Theo's best friend. This particular nickname for his character was based on Bill's son's bestie, who also had a peculiar name.

During the interview, Carl Payne recalls "Rudy" initially being a male role.

"Family Matters"' Jaleel White [Urkel] auditioned for the role. Nevertheless, of course, Keshia Knight Pulliam got the part. Although Carl has a lot of fond memories about the show, he mentions that — at certain times — Bill Cosby "was not a nice man," as notes I Love Old School Music.

Regarding the last conversation he had with Cosby, Carl notes that it wasn't a recent one. However, it also wasn't a good one. "I'm sure you and everybody else is 'all ears' [sic]," Payne states during the interview. "I'mma just tell you like this, the man was many things. You know what I'm saying... as most geniuses and most comedians are. They battle a lot of demons [sic]."

Bill was not always pleasant to be around

Carl says people often ask if he ever saw Bill do any of the things his accusers mentioned.

Payne tells the source that he'd never experienced that. "Whether he's guilty or not, that's between him and God," the actor mentions. He continues by saying that Cosby's legacy isn't something that can be taken away from those he's helped throughout his career. Yet, at the same time, Carl Payne notes that Bill wasn't pleasant to be around at times.

As the interview ends, Carl hints that someone tried to tell him what he can or can't do, concerning his potential. He labeled them "haters." He doesn't specify that one of those people was Bill Cosby. However, when the interview asked for an elaboration on Payne's and Cosby's last conversation, those are the words he left.

If you're interested in the video interview, it's located below.